Yeh Rishta Bolder upcoming Starplus Naira versus Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Bolder upcoming Starplus Naira versus Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Bolder upcoming Starplus Naira versus Goenkas Lav and Kush get terrified on seeing the police home. They don’t want to get arrested. Goenkas are also worried that Naira didn’t obey them and called the police home. They wish Kartik stops Naira from her madness. They misunderstand Naira that she is being unfair towards Lav and Kush. Naira wants them not to be blind by love and get justice for Trisha. Kartik asks Naira why did she go against them. Lav and Kush deny the blames. Inspector asks them not to do the drama, he has the evidence against them, Trisha has named them as the culprits and Naira is testifying it. Naira apologizes to them.

She tells Kartik that she couldn’t meet her eyes by supporting the wrong. She asks him not to be selfish and support the wrong. She tells him that she doesn’t care for anyone now, Lav and Kush threatened Trisha once again and they shall not be spared. Kartik doesn’t want to believe it. Naira asks him to not come in her way. Kartik stops the police. Inspector warns him against creating hurdles in the law process. He tells that Kartik will also go behind bars if he hinders their work. He tells them that Kartik shouldn’t hide his brothers’ crime. He asks Kartik to let him arrest Lav and Kush.

Lav and Kush get arrested. They panic and shout for help. Goenkas cry for them and soften their hearts, irrespective of their crimes. Kartik runs to his brothers and assures them that he will help them. Naira stops the police for a moment, which gives many hopes to Goenkas. They think Naira has changed her mind and will save Lav and Kush. Naira just passes the inhaler pump to treat Kush’s asthma attack. She asks the inspector to make sure that Kush doesn’t suffer by asthma attacks. Kartik gets enough of her concern drama. He tells her that he will bail out Lav and Kush, and bring them home.

Kartik tells Lav and Kush that he will be coming with the lawyer in some time. He feels heartbroken seeing them arrested. Naira stays strong, when Goenkas confront her for her move. Manish loses his cool. He asks Kartik to seek an answer from her. She tells them that the entire family will undergo problems if they support Lav and Kush further, they didn’t change a bit and threatened Trisha once again when the family was away. Kartik yells at her and doesn’t believe it. He tells that the family was going to punish them their way.

He tells that he has seen his brothers repentance. She tells that she had heard their evil planning, she is a witness herself. He asks why does she see always become a witness of such things, when there are so many members in the family. She asks him if they would forgive the culprit if she was molested. She asks Kartik would he fight for the culprit if this incident happened with her. She tells that they aren’t supporting Trisha, who is an outsider. She feels they don’t want Trisha in their house. She takes Trisha to her house. Naksh assures to look after Trisha.

He feels proud of Naira for showing much courage and supporting a girl. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani are worried for Kartik and Naira’s relation suffering due to the matter. Naksh tells them that Goenkas will soon accept the truth and be proud of Naira. They go to meet the best lawyer in town, Shaktimaan Javeri. Manish also wants to hire the same lawyer for Lav and Kush. Naira returns home and finds Goenkas turning their face away on seeing her. She spends time with kids. She is in much pain herself. Kairav and Vansh learn that Naira got Lav and Kush arrested because of their lies. Kairav doesn’t want to lie to Naira and get punished.

Kairav will become a witness to Lav’s crimes. Naira isn’t aware that Lav scared Kairav and turned him mute before. Naksh informs Naira that Trisha is in trauma, Lav and Kush should get punished, her battle is right. He wants to support her. She gets sad seeing Trisha’s trauma video. Naksh and Naira give a brief to Shaktimaan’s assistant and hope that he takes up their case. Naira thinks to meet Shaktimaan and make him fight Trisha’s case. Shaktimaan takes up Lav and Kush’s case from Goenkas’ side and wins to get bail for them.

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