Sonakshi shocking Boyfriend Rohit rages in Kahaan Hum

Sonakshi shocking Boyfriend Rohit rages in Kahaan Hum

Sonakshi shocking Boyfriend Rohit rages in Kahaan Hum Sonakshi is much heartbroken because of Rohit. Sonakshi goes to the pub where she comes across Rohit. She bears the same humiliation again. She doesn’t know that Rohit is deliberately doing this. She was running away from Rohit. She asks why does he always come in front of her and refresh her wounds. Rohit tells her that he can tell the same to her, she is always around, when he wants to be away. Rohit tells that its his friend’s pub and he had come on invitation. Sonakshi tells him that she isn’t following him, she has come with Sumit. Rohit drinks to forget his sorrow. He thinks fate is playing with him, since he has coincidentally met Sonakshi and Sumit.

He finds them dancing happily. He doesn’t like it and gets jealous. He also wants Sonakshi to move on, since she has no future with him, all thanks to Nishi and Veena. He is threatened by Nishi about Naren’s life. He can’t tell his helpless story to Sonakshi. He thinks it will be best if Sonakshi chooses Sumit as her life partner, since she likes Sumit and even Sumit likes her. He finds them respecting and caring towards each other. Though its much painful for him, he lets them dance and advises them to bring that spark and chemistry between them, as they have always projected as Parvati and Kunal in their show. He feels Sumit is the right guy for Sonakshi.

He had convinced Sumit to take Sonakshi on a date, but he didn’t knew that they will come to the same place. He feels a heartache to see them together. Sumit romances Sonakshi to make Rohit more jealous, so that Rohit accepts his love and clears the misunderstanding. Sumit proposes Sonakshi for marriage. She is much surprised by the unexpected moment. Rohit gets angry seeing Sumit’s romantic gestures. He wants to break the alcohol glass, but controls his anger. He acts normal in front of Sonakshi, that she doesn’t matter to him now. He asks her not to have any hopes that he will accept her back in his life and love her. He asks Sonakshi to keep her esteem and stay away. Sonakshi gets upset and decides to accept Sumit’s marriage proposal. When will Rohit’s Devdas avatar end? Keep reading.

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Best comment by Saptarsi Mallick:

Please request @StarPlus to extend the show. This broke the stereotypes of tv shows. All of the fans are urging and pleading the channel to grant our request. We can’t reach to the higher authority. If you could do something for us, then it would be a great pleasure. Thank you.

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  1. please do not off air this show we as fans are really sad and trying our best to convince the chanmel to extend the show please starplus please extend the show

  2. As KHKT has become everyone’s favourite serial.. we want KHKT to break the record of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai.. All the fans kindly to the channel to extend the show.. as it has new concepr and fresh

  3. I agree with the fact that KHKT is a great show which looks realistic. I also witness that the trend is not the reality it’s total unrealistic crap like supernatural power serials and unstoppable series….I wonder how they get TRPs …..I am not going to plead or request to the channel as foolishness is in trend….I really like KHKT from starting…Wish all the success to the cast and crew…..

  4. First of all i want to say sorry for giving suggestion for stopping the show.Plz dont stop the show but try to extend it and make and fill this show with full of happiness and try to give message to ur viewers that misunderstandig cant break the relation and luv thanks and hope u ll get my point of view

  5. If u can really do something den plss extend the show ..plss request star plus. I do not understand how are dey allowing shows like yrkkh wch actually has no story and no main plot still running and also dey are bringing in shows like nazar 2 wch is absolutely dumb in year 2020 …who watches dis? We want shows realistic not unnecessary drama and unrealistic drama.

    Plsss starplus understand wat audience wants


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