Beyhadh Upcoming Scary Maya back Mrityunjay shocked

Beyhadh Upcoming Scary Maya back Mrityunjay shocked

Beyhadh Upcoming Scary Maya back Mrityunjay shocked Mrityunjay had challenged Maya to save Rajeev if she can. He had given her 12 hours for it. Maya struggles and manages to save Rajeev. She feels guilty of killing Rishi. She tells him that she has become bad while ending other’s evil. She tells that she loves Rudra, she doesn’t want him to know about Rishi’s death. Rajeev wants her to focus on her goal. He asks if Rudra’s love is weakening him. She tells him that she didn’t forget her revenge, she will target Dia first. Mrityunjay loses faith on his team. He tells Antara and Dia that they are really fools to come in Manvi’s words. He wants them to support her. Dia asks him to go to Maya.

He tells her that Maya is Manvi, he knows Manvi’s fears and he will exploit her again. He wants to break Manvi’s courage. He tells Dia that he has no feelings for Manvi. Dia tells that she knows his weakness, that’s pretty women. He charms Dia and tells that he wants her. Dia gets dizzy and wonders the reason for it. Rudra meets Rajeev to get his welfare. He doesn’t disturb Maya. Dia meets Maya’s mum, and realizes that she really doesn’t remember the past. Maya’s mum asks her help to advice Maya about family planning. Dia asks her to let Maya become a part of the family. Dia gets worried for herself and thinks if she is pregnant.

Maya manages to make things fine between Rudra and her. He wants Maya to convince him with love. Rudra and Maya get into a romantic moment. She doesn’t want Mrityunjay to come between their lovely bond. Rudra tells her that she always surprises him. Maya tells him that he can’t cheat her or marry someone else. She tells that she is mad for him. He loves her madness. Rajeev laughs on Maya for getting kiddish in his love. He likes the positive change in her. He asks her next plans. Maya plans a romantic date with Rudra. Aditya keeps an eye on her on Mrityunjay’s saying. He overhears her valentines’ plans. He finds her a nice girl.

He tells Mrityunjay that Maya is a nice girl. Mrityunjay tells that he plans to kill her. Aditya is stunned. Mrityunjay laughs and asks him not to get serious. He wants to reach there before Rudra and ruin the date by bringing her face to face with the past. Rudra gets surprised by Maya’s gift. He gets Maya’s love note and likes her romantic gift. Mrityunjay is also ready to shock her. Dia tells Mrityunjay that she is stressed for her health. He asks her to handle it herself, he is busy in planning against Manvi.

Dia is super shocked after confirming her pregnancy. Maya awaits Rudra. Mrityunjay reaches Maya and wants her to face him. He aims to remind her the gruesome past once again and break her down. Maya presents the beautiful portrait to Rudra. She asks him to fill colours in her. They romance in their private time, while Mrityunjay ruins their romance by reminding Maya about their first date. Maya shows her scary side to Mrityunjay for the first time.

She threatens to kill him or bury him alive if he dares to hurt Rudra. Mrityunjay is shell shocked by her unseen side. Maya turns into the Beyhadh hatred portrayer to injure Mrityunjay. Will her mad rage scare Mrityunjay? Keep reading.

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Best Comment by Shamsa:

Why is Maya a scary cat more than usual infront of MJ. Like this is getting too much, the hair cut and tearing dress was already too much and now bringing her mom home and kidnapping Rajeev is a lot more. Maya is shown more than scared and weak infront of MJ which I don’t like, where is The Maya? Bring the Maya from Beyhadh 1 back, she was more deadly and powerful than this one. The show is now becoming saas babu type.



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