Yeh Hai Chahatein New Wedding shockers for Prisha

Yeh Hai Chahatein New Wedding shockers for Prisha

Yeh Hai Chahatein New Wedding shockers for Prisha Prisha wants Saransh back from Rudraksh. Rudraksh reminds that she has already given the official custody of Saransh to him, and now she can’t claim Saransh back. They get into an argument. Khuranas are shocked to know that Rudraksh has married Prisha. He tells that Saransh is his son, he will never let him go. Balraj asks why is he favoring Saransh so much, Prisha is Rajeev’s murderer. The reporters ask Rudraksh why did he marry Prisha. Rudraksh tells that Prisha isn’t any murderer, the court declared her innocent as well. He defends Prisha in front of the media. Prisha thinks what is he planning. Prisha’s parents worry for her.

They learn that Prisha is at Khurana house. They get to see the news. The news reveals about Prisha and Rudraksh’s marriage. They reach Khurana mansion, but get blocked by the guard. They get surrounded by the reporters, who ask many questions about Prisha. Mishka feels insulted when Rudraksh calls Prisha his wife. She leaves the mandap. Reporters ask Rudraksh if he won’t marry Mishka. Balraj asks Rudraksh why is he doing so much for Saransh. Rudraksh makes excuses, but doesn’t reveal that Saransh is Rajeev’s son. Rudraksh tells Balraj that he can justify his marriage decision. He takes the family for a discussion.

He tells them that he has married Prisha for a purpose, that’s to snatch Saransh from her and also take revenge for Rajeev’s death. He tells that he knew Gopal is a retired judge and will use his contacts to save his daughter, but that won’t do any justice with Rajeev. He tells that he has married Prisha to make her life a living hell. Rudraksh wants Prisha to live with him. Prisha asks Yuvraj what is Rudraksh planning to do. She tells him that she can’t stay with Rudraksh. Yuvraj wants Saransh’s trust fund. He asks Prisha to live with Khuranas and just be Saransh as his mother.

He tells her that she has to obey Rudraksh in order to get the property back. He manipulates her once again. He tells her that she has to be with Rudraksh for six months and then she can file for the divorce. He convinces Prisha and lies that he loves her a lot. Prisha gets convinced, just for Saransh’s sake. He tells that she did a foolish thing to give Saransh’s custody to Rudraksh. Rudraksh is just doing everything for the sake of Saransh. He thinks to trouble Prisha so much that she dies every moment. The family also wants revenge and supports Rudraksh. Prisha meets her parents and tells them that she has decided to stay in Rudraksh’s house for Saransh’s sake.

She thinks she will convince Rudraksh to let her take Saransh. Balraj lets Prisha stay with them. He tells her that she can’t raise her voice in front of him. He doesn’t want her to expect relations with them. She tells that she came for just Saransh. Ahana and Mishka also plan to take revenge on Prisha. Ahana tells that they can really make Prisha’s life a hell. Saransh is happy that Prisha is going to stay with them. He tells that he will show his room to her. Rudraksh stops Prisha and tells Saransh that she will stay with him. He wants Prisha to come with him.

He sends away Saransh. He shocks Prisha by reminding that they are married and now he will torture her to make her life hell. Prisha asks him what does he mean. He tells her that she isn’t so innocent to ask him. He shocks her by reminding that its first wedding night. Prisha and Rudraksh’s hatred chapter begins. Rudraksh scares her a lot by his shocking intimacy move. What would Prisha do now? Keep reading.

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