Beyhadh Limitless Dark twists Maya Mrityunjay fierce war

Beyhadh Nandini dies Maya turns ferociously dark

Beyhadh Limitless Dark twists Maya Mrityunjay fierce war Rudra and Maya romance while playing with the colours, touching their heart and soul. Maya wants Rudra to complete their love by filling colours in her life. She hugs Rudra and expresses her love. Mrityunjay reaches the love birds to disturb them. Maya senses his footsteps and gets scared for a moment. She realizes Mrityunjay has arrived when she finds the balloons entering the hall. Rudra finds it Maya’s surprise and applauds her for the best Valentines’ idea. Maya gets speechless. She goes to confirm that Mrityunjay is around.

Mrityunjay wishes her. She gets surprised with Rudra’s romantic gesture. Rudra tells her that he will die if she maintains distance. He asks Maya for a romantic kiss. He gets stubborn and holds a burning candle in his hand. Rudra gets hurt when a balloon bursts by the candle. Maya shouts his name, which gets heart by Mrityunjay. He gets worried for his son. Rudra tells her that he is fine. Mrityunjay stops himself. Maya gets to see her enemy in front, while taking care of Rudra’s burnt hand. Mrityunjay unknowingly gets his son hurt. He feels he did wrong to not realize the danger. He blames himself with guilt. Maya takes care of Rudra at home.

She tells him that she will face death before him. Rudra gets touched by her promise. He doesn’t want her to panic. She wants to protect him, his love and his smile. He gets falling for her once again after seeing her true love. He tells her that he discovered his real happiness because of her. She feels guilty that he got punished because of her.

Dia wants to tell Mrityunjay about her pregnancy. He doesn’t answer the call. Maya meets Mrityunjay to teach him a lesson. Before he reaches her to threaten, she chokes him up to scare him. She tells him that he has scared her a lot that the fear ended, she will show her real ruthless side to him now. She tells him that she won’t leave anyone who hurts her Rudra. She hurts Mrityunjay and proves that Maya isn’t a weak person, Rudra is her courage. She is obsessed for Rudra. Mrityunjay gets speechless after her threatening. Maya turns sweet, sensitive and caring for Rudra. She doesn’t realize that she got hurt as well. She stays awake till the morning while sitting by his side and caring for him.

Rudra tells her that he is fine. He gets worried seeing the glass pieces pierced in her foot. Maya tells that she didn’t realize it. She tells that she just worries for him. Mrityunjan finds the wound given by Maya. He realizes that Maya isn’t Manvi, as he thought, he can no longer play with her fears. He decides to make a big strike to break her down. Dia tells Mrityunjay that she is pregnant. Mrityunjay and Antara ask her to abort the child. She refuses when Mrityunjay threatens her life. She runs to Maya and Rudra to seek help. Maya scares Mrityunjay saying its time to reveal the past to Rudra.

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