Bhagya Karan Preeta Abhi Pragya struggles looped

Bhagya Karan Preeta Abhi Pragya struggles looped

Bhagya Karan Preeta Abhi Pragya struggles looped Ranbir threatens Maya that he will be telling the truth to Mohit’s family, who would just care for their respect. He asks her to think of her marriage breaking. Maya gets worried. Prachi admits her plans to gate crash the engagement. She is mistaken about Ranbir. She asks him what did he do, if they had planned to break Maya’s engagement, it didn’t mean that he will get engaged to her. She thinks Ranbir got engaged to Maya and vents her anger. Ranbir tries to clear her misunderstanding. He was just teasing her. By her reaction, he realizes she also fell in love with him.

Other side, Abhi confronts Rhea about the diamond necklace. He tells her that he wants to know just the truth, if she knows Rhea well. Rhea is shell shocked. She plans to show the necklace and clear his doubts. She is worried to get her truth exposed and fall in his eyes.

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Kundali Bhagya:

Luthras protect Preeta from the police. They succeed to make the police away in time. Sarla and Shrishti want to visit Preeta at Luthra house. Luthras get worried when someone knocks the door, after the police leaves. They worriedly ask Preeta to hide. Preeta is relieved and feels safe with Luthras, who are supporting her because of Karan’s faith. Rishabh also believes her since ever. He tells Karan that Preeta didn’t push Mahira in front of the truck, but the video Sherlyn holds as evidence shows Preeta into the crime. He asks Karan how can the video show up wrong things. He suspects Sherlyn. Karan also shares his doubts.

Best comment by Lyde:

All the writers should pack their bags and go home since there is nothing new in the story. The serial should wind up. Please don’t waste the viewers time. There are much better things to do in life rather than viewing this serial.

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