Starplus Amusing Kahaan Hum Twists Stunning Upcoming

Starplus Amusing Kahaan Hum Twists Stunning Upcoming
Picture 5. Rohit's jealousy on the top after trying to settle Sonakshi with her good friend Sumit. Rohit maintains that he doesn't care for Sonakshi's new phase of life, but is much jealous to see her dancing with Sumit on the dance floor. A scene to remember with good inputs from Sumit, who tries to make Sonakshi realize her love for Rohit.

Starplus Amusing Kahaan Hum Twists Stunning Upcoming Veena gets Tanya home and informs Rohit. She asks Pooja to be with Tanya and not let Rohan bother the latter. She tells that Tanya should be in peace. Pooja assures that. Tanya reprimands Rohan. He fails to talk to her. He is much angered after reading Pari’s stupid proposal. He breaks his phone. Rohit learns about the viral epidemic. He wants to control the virus from spreading in the entire city. Sumit meets him to discuss about Sonakshi.

Rohit asks him why is Sonakshi picking up small roles that can ruin her career. Sumit tells that she doesn’t take anyone’s advice and decides it herself. He tells that Sonakshi has kept the strangest demand, she wants to have an affair with him. Rohit can’t believe him. Sumit tells that they both have fights going on and make him stuck in such unavoidable situations. Rohit tells that Sonakshi is right, they can have an affair. Sumit asks him if he is serious, if he wants him to have an affair with Sonakshi. Rohit tells that he has no problem, he wants Sonakshi happy. Sumit realizes Rohit is disturbed.

He sings Sonakshi’s praises to make Rohit think of her. Rohit feels bad when Sumit agrees to have an affair with her. He asks Sumit to make sure that Sonakshi is safe, happy and stable. Sumit knows Rohit loves her. He tells that he may really fall in love with Sonakshi and then he won’t step back if Rohit comes to claim her later. Rohit tells that it won’t happen. Sumit agrees to date Sonakshi. Tulsi informs Rohit about Nitin’s invite for the party. Rohit is stressed and doesn’t want to go. She tells that Veena wants him to go. Rohit agrees to attend the party. Sumit decides to unite Rohit and Sonakshi, by making them realize love.

Sumit takes Sonakshi to the same place, since he got the invite from Nitin as well. He tells Sonakshi that he wants her to meet his friends. Rohit and Sumit get busy with their friends. Sonakshi goes to the bar counter. She comes across Rohit. Sumit introduces Sonakshi to Nitin. She gets nervous since she met Nitin before as Rohit’s wife and now as Sonakshi’s girlfriend. Nitin thinks Rohit will react badly on seeing her. Rohit finds Sonakshi with Sumit. Sonakshi gets a chance to taunt Rohit. She shows off her happiness with Sumit.

She tells that she is moving on with Sumit, who values her. Rohit congratulates her for trapping a rich girl. He taunts her on profession. Sumit asks Sonakshi not to worry, the people who don’t know her worth are useless fools. Sonakshi asks him for a dance. Sumit knows she is trying to make Rohit jealous. He gets romantically close, which makes her uncomfortable. Rohit controls his anger and goes to stop Sumit from touching her. Sonakshi warns Sumit against coming too close to her. Sumit gets to see their love and thinks he is on the right path. He wants to unite the true lovers Ronakshi.

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  1. Good job Sumit Plz, bring both the love birds lovers together . Both together Rohit n Sonakshi look vry Beautiful n Loving Couples n Love to see them together .


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