Ishq SubhanAllah Raabta Zee Highlights Tonight

Ishq SubhanAllah Raabta Zee Highlights Tonight

Ishq SubhanAllah Raabta Zee Highlights Tonight Zara falls in grave danger when the Jinn takes Kabir’s disguise and kidnaps her. She realizes his truth when she confronts him in the jungle. He takes her to the Jinn house. Kabir rushes to save Zara, who gets trapped by the Jinn. Kabir tries hard to save her, but Jalali proves his evil by separating them. Jalali tells them that he has succeeded to cage them. He knew Kabeer and Zara’s truth, while Shahbaz was not aware. Kabeer asks Zara not to fear anyone. He threatens Jalali of ruining his village. Shahbaz complains about Zara, who broke his house. He wants to kill her.

Jalali wants to deal with Kabeer first. He orders his man to kill Kabeer. Jalali identifies Zara. Zara asks her brother Aasim not to kill Kabeer and stop the evil. Jalali promises Kabeer that he would gift him the Qazi position, if he is ready to kill Zara. Shahbaz asks Kabeer to kill Zara. Zara too asks Kabeer to shoot her, since his motive is big, he should lead the people on the right path by becoming the chief Qazi. Kabeer gets the gun and points gun at Jalali. He feels his dad is disgusting. He threatens Jalali and Shahbaz to free the caged people.

Kabeer saves Zara from evil Jalali. She tells him that she will behead him and take her revenge. He asks her if she has courage to do so. Aasim worships Jalali. He asks her to not harm Jalali, else he will end his life. Jalali puts her in a fix.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Kalyani is threatened by Rachit. She plays a pregnancy drama on his insistence. She tells Malhar that she is pregnant. Rachit wants to trouble her more. Atharv is the main villain again. He wants revenge on Kalyani and Malhar. He acts innocent like a kid, and plays big games. He is separating Kalyani and Malhar this time. Atharv’s truth will be surfacing.

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