Yeh Hai Chahatein Family battle Rudraksh cunning ploy

Yeh Hai Chahatein Family battle Rudraksh cunning ploy

Yeh Hai Chahatein Family battle Rudraksh cunning ploy Rudraksh cares for Prisha and Saransh. She wonders why is he being so good, when he has no feelings for them. Ahana is also puzzled. Rudraksh stops Prisha from going to the hospital. She tells that she wants to resume her work. He reminds her that she has much work, being the Bahu, she has to manage the household chores. He asks her to clean the house, since he has fired the servants because of her. Ahana realizes his plan to torture Prisha. She supports him and feels proud of him. She asks Prisha to start her work, else she has an option to leave the house. Rudraksh and Ahana ask Prisha to clean the floor. Saransh asks Prisha not to go anywhere, he can’t live without her. He also helps her in the work.

Meanwhile, Gopal and Vasu pay a surprise visit and find Prisha and Saransh working as servants. They reprimand Khuranas for disrespecting their Bahu. Balraj argues with Gopal and asks him to take away his daughter if he wants. Gopal wants to take Prisha home. He can’t see her insult. Rudraksh wants to get rid of her. He provokes her to take a stand for her parents. Prisha goes to explain her parents that she will stay with Rudraksh and get back his custody. She tells that she can do anything for Saransh, she isn’t weak to give up so soon. She wants to fight Rudraksh. She takes their permission and goes back to Rudraksh. Gopal finds a way to help.

He decides to complain to the NGO and get Saransh back. Prisha and Rudraksh get into an argument over occupying the cupboard. Prisha is helpless since he always dominates. She tells that she is just tolerating him for her son Saransh. He doesn’t want her to snatch Saransh. Yuvraj goes bankrupt. He laughs on his sympathetic state. He wants to get Saransh’s legal custody so that he can get the funds. He calls Prisha and offers help in getting Saransh’s school admission done. He asks her to meet him. She refuses and asks him not to call her again. Her words shock him. Ahana tricks Saransh and gives him legal papers to shred it.

Later, Balraj rages at Saransh for ruining his papers. Saransh tells them that Ahana lied about the papers turning into snow papers after putting the papers in the machine. He reveals Ahana’s trick. Ahana denies it and goes to slap him. Prisha takes a stand for her son. Gopal files a complaint against Khuranas and charges them for child labor. He wants them to return Saransh to Prisha. Rudraksh comes up with a new ploy and acts as a loving father and loving husband. He handles the matter with ease.

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