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Ranbir declaration in Kumkum Bhagya Zee twists

Abhi Ranbir Shocking news Kumkum Zee5 Tonight Prachi and Ranbir’s cute fights go on in front of her family. Prachi yells at her for always spoiling things. He tells her that he was angry on Maya and did a mistake. Abhi asks Vikram the reason for his happiness. He wants to have a drink. Abhi scares him of Pallavi. Vikram tells that Abhi is his true friend. Vikram gets drunk and does poetry. He tells Abhi that he is really happy, since Prachi’s mom managed the event a lot, the guests were happily satisfied with the service and food just because of her. He praises Prachi’s mom. Prachi tells that she has to take an important file for Abhi.

Ranbir gets Pallavi’s call and asks him to come soon. Pragya asks Prachi to go with Ranbir. Prachi jokes that she will kill Ranbir in anger. Pragya laughs seeing their cute banter. Ranbir tries to end Prachi’s annoyance. She doesn’t want to hear more of his irritating talks. He apologizes to her. He tells her that he will do anything to make her smile. He gets stubborn to convince her. He performs Kathak dance and makes her laugh. He tells that she likes his stupid things since she likes him. She still keeps the annoyance.

He knows she has also started feeling for him, which is the reason that she is acting weird. Ranbir and Prachi come home and find the huge mess. Maya’s parents meet Ranbir’s family to fix the alliance. Ranbir and Abhi deny to accept the alliance. Abhi asks if this is some nonsense. Dida tells them that they want to know why is this happening. Chobey tells them that Ranbir loves Maya and broke her engagement. Abhi asks him to explain, when did Ranbir show interest in Maya. He tells that they aren’t interested in making Maya their Bahu. Chobey tells them that Ranbir proposed Maya in front of everyone and then Mohit broke the engagement, now Ranbir has to marry Maya. Ranbir denies to accept love. The guards point gun at Ranbir.

Chobey stops his guards and asks them to respect his son-in-law. Chobey tells them that he has the video proof of it. He shows the video of Ranbir confessing love and proposing Maya, asking her to cancel the engagement. Kohlis are shocked to see this and want to know the stupid reason. Shahana tells Sarita that they have to stop Ranbir and Maya’s marriage. Abhi tells Chobey that Ranbir was just acting, he doesn’t love Maya. Chobey doesn’t listen. Rhea makes a late entry and misses to see the video. She wonders what’s happening. Ranbir is badly stuck. Chobey tells that Ranbir has to marry Maya. Rhea gets a shock to know the matter.

Vikram tells that Ranbir will never marry Maya. Kohlis ask them to get out. Chobey gets violent. He tells them that his relatives have seen his humiliation because of Ranbir. He wants Ranbir to marry Maya and maintain peace. He threatens to send Ranbir and entire family to the jail. He scares Ranbir and asks him to accept Maya. He doesn’t want anyone to defame his family. He demands Abhi for a rocking performance in the marriage function. Chobey tells Ranbir that he likes his fearless side. He welcomes Ranbir in his family.

Abhi seeks an answer from Ranbir. His family too prepares to beat him for his madness. Ranbir clarifies that he didn’t propose Maya, he was just threatening Maya that he will act to be her lover and break the engagement. His blackmailing didn’t work though. Vikram shocks them by telling that the marriage will happen.

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