Kumkum Marriage blunder Pragya Abhi to step in

Kumkum Bhagya Maya changes side Pragya clever act

Kumkum Marriage blunder Pragya Abhi to step in Vikram shocks everyone by telling that Ranbir will marry Maya, who is a big politician’s daughter. He is worried for his son’s future. He asks Ranbir not to invite troubles, he won’t be able to deal with the goons. Abhi asks them not to worry about Chobey, he will break the alliance by using his contacts. He wants Kohlis to relax. Abhi thanks Prachi for getting the file for him. He asks Ranbir to drop Prachi. Rhea feels helpless. She didn’t think this would happen. She never wanted things to change this way. Abhi asks Rhea not to worry for Ranbir, he won’t marry Maya. Prachi thinks of the huge troubles on Ranbir. She wants to relieve his tensions.

Abhi tells Vikram that they won’t be letting Ranbir forcibly marry, Ranbir doesn’t love Maya, if they can’t refuse, then they will break the alliance cleverly. Vikram counts on Abhi. Abhi tells them that he will be going on a work trip. He knows Rhea loves Ranbir and is afraid to lose him. Rhea informs Aaliya that Maya and Ranbir’s engagement is fixed, Ranbir is so foolish and called uninvited attention. Aaliya asks her to relax, they will surely handle the matter. She asks her to fix a meeting with Maya. Maya’s dad wants her to be happy, since her marriage is fixed. Maya is confused.

Ranbir drops Prachi and asks her not to feel guilty, nothing is in their control. He knows Maya doesn’t want to marry him. He is upset that everyone is against him. Prachi tells him that she will always support him and never let him fall off. She promises him that she will always be someone on whom he can depend. He feels he should tell his feelings to Prachi. He wants to tackle his enemy. Rhea calls Maya, who isn’t interested in talking to her. Maya is worried since her parents will do anything for their image. She fails to get the marriage cancelled. She is also forced to marry Ranbir.

Prachi returns home in an upset mood. Sarita and Shahana ask her the matter. Prachi tells the shocking news of Ranbir’s big problem. Sarita thinks Prachi is in love with Ranbir, so she is much worried for him. Aaliya asks Rhea not to worry, maybe Maya will call them later. They didn’t know that Maya is a politician’s daughter, else they would have not hired her for the fake drama. Aaliya tells that Maya was doing everything for money. She wants to get things in control. She asks Rhea to threaten Maya and make her back off. Rhea thanks Aaliya for the guidance. Rhea finds Kohlis worried for Ranbir.

Maya’s dad Chobey sends his men after Ranbir. Rhea tells them that Abhi will surely save Ranbir. She tells that she can do anything for Ranbir. She assures to save him. Pallavi gets impressed. She asks Rhea if she loves Ranbir. Rhea tells that she loves Ranbir. Pallavi wants to fix Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. She likes Rhea for Ranbir. She thinks even Ranbir likes her. Prachi shares the problem with Pragya. She tells her that her plan flopped, Maya has badly trapped him, his life will be ruined if he is really forced to marry Maya.


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