Zee Sony Surprising today spoilers Kumkum and more

Zee Sony Surprising today spoilers Kumkum and more

Zee Sony Surprising today spoilers Kumkum Tujhse Hai Raabta Atharv plays mind games with Malhar and Kalyani. He scares Kalyani by making her assume red colour water as blood. He wants Kalyani to lie to Malhar that she is pregnant with Rachit’s child. Kalyani falls in a big trouble when she gets caught by some brothel. Atharv reaches her once again.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Prachi realizes her feelings for Ranbir. She tells him that many would promise to support him, but she will just be with him like a boat so that he never sinks in the storm, they will be a boat and anchor for each other. She doesn’t want him to fall ever. She holds his hands and tells him that she will always be with him, since she believes she is a nice guy in reality. She tells him that he should not make more mistakes like he did before. Ranbir feels on cloud nine on hearing her sweet words.

Kundali Bhagya:

Babbi accepts that he was paid by someone to kill Preeta, but she luckily got saved. He tells that Preeta isn’t behind Mahira’s accident, she was herself someone’s target. The Luthras are shocked to know that someone is framing Preeta. They feel sorry to doubt on Preeta.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:

Guneet isn’t able to forget her online friend, who understood her completely. She feels she was compatible with him, he always liked her without finding anything bad in her. She was free to discuss anything with him. She feels that she will find someone who will accept her without asking her to change. Amber is much shocked to know that she is looking for love in someone like her online friend. She calls off the marriage with Anurag, just because she wants her marriage to be filled with love and care.

She is hurt that her online friend has broken her heart, but knowingly helped her too. Amber gets to learn her real emotions. She can’t imagine that he is her online friend. Amber supports Guneet when she breaks the engagement. Anurag is deeply hurt and unintentionally hurts her by venting out his frustration. Amber is also speechless, but is happy to see her courage. Amber breaks his silence when he finds Guneet getting insulted by Anurag and his relatives. He decides to tell her that he is her online friend.


  1. Scriptwriter of kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya @beinganilnagpal has lost count of the loose ends he is creating. He thinks the audience has no brains like him. Sorry to say but he getting awards for story telling has made a mockery of the award shows and how proved dubious these are. From now on these awards have lost their meanings


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