Choti Sardarni Vidya 28th February Upcoming

Choti Sardarni Vidya 28th February Upcoming

Choti Sardarni Vidya 28th February Upcoming Mahek urges Vidya and Vivek to go on a date. She wants them to sort out their differences. Vivek will soon learn that his mum is acting, she has recovered and threatened Vidya. Mahek arranges a date for Vivek’s love. She wants her friend to be happy. She tells that Vidya should talk out the real reason about her decision and sort the issues. Vidya looks forward to meet Vivek. Vidya and Vivek meet on the date. They have a romantic moment. Vivek loves her a lot. He wants to know what’s bothering her, since she can’t be so selfish.

She recalls his mum’s words and proposes him for marriage, asking him to forget his promise given to his mum. He can’t believe that she is going against the promise herself. He wants to test her and know the truth. He agrees to his proposal. He tells her that he loves her so much that he is ready to marry her, by forgetting all the promises. She is happy, but confused, since Vivek’s mum continues to threaten her.

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Choti Sardarni:

Sarabjeet is much upset that Meher is upset with him. He wants to meet her. He asks Param to accompany him so that they can meet Meher. Param tells that Sarabjeet can’t meet Meher, since she has clearly told that she doesn’t want to meet him. Param asks him how will he meet now. He gives an idea to Sarabjeet unknowingly. Sarabjeet takes a Sadhu disguise to meet Meher. He tells him that he has come in a way that she won’t be seeing his face. Meher is surprised with his new avatar. She finds him really funny and determined. He can’t live without Meher. He makes Meher his life and waits her baby, which will be his baby as well. He tells that he will love them a lot. Meher is touched with his gestures.


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