Kundali Bhagyaa Big news Mahesh soon out of coma

Kundali Bhagyaa Big news Mahesh soon out of coma

Kundali Bhagyaa Big news Mahesh soon out of coma Preeta thanks Shrishti for getting the video on time. Shrishti tells her that Karan has helped her in getting the video. She recalls stealing Sherlyn’s phone from Mahira’s room. She tells that Karan has worked hard to fulfill his promise and prove Preeta’s innocence. Preeta is glad to know this. Karan confronts Mahira for pushing Preeta in front of the truck. Same way, Rishabh confronts Sherlyn for modifying the video. He exposes Sherlyn’s mistake in front of the family. Mahira convincingly lies to Karan to clear her name. Karan finds Rishabh angry.

Kareena asks them to talk to Sherlyn at home. Preeta wants to talk to Karan. Karan rushes after Rishabh. She tells that she wanted to thank Karan. Sarla takes her daughters home. They get happy. Shrishti wants her family to be happy always. Preeta thinks to call Karan once. She calls him, and gets no answer. Rishabh asks Sherlyn to tell them about making the fake video to frame Preeta. Rakhi wants an answer from Sherlyn. Dadi tells Sherlyn that she should have not done this to embarrass them in front of Aroras. Kareena tells that Sarla will file a counter case on Sherlyn and not spare her.

Karan tells that this isn’t wrong, Mahira filed the case when Preeta wasn’t at fault, Sherlyn done deliberately done a fraud. Rishabh tells that he already doubted on Sherlyn. He rebukes her for all the unwanted melodrama. He asks her why is she playing with his family’s emotions, when she regards herself as a responsible Bahu of Luthra family. He asks her to admit that she did wrong. Sherlyn loses her cool and admits that she did wrong. She comes up with an idea to cover up her mistake by more lies. Sherlyn tells them that Preeta has really pushed Mahira in front of the truck. She tries to malign Preeta’s image.

She tells that Preeta hates Mahira and wants to stop the marriage. She reminds Preeta’s efforts to stop their marriage. Karan and Rishabh don’t agree with her. Mahira tells that Sherlyn isn’t wrong, her intention was right. She tells that Sherlyn has done this for her sake. Rishabh advises her to not spend time with Sherlyn, who is evil-minded. Kareena asks him not to insult Sherlyn. Karan tells that Sherlyn did much wrong and trapped Preeta in a fake case. He tells that they should thank Aroras for not filing the case on Sherlyn. Kareena doesn’t want to go. Rishabh scolds Sherlyn for always blaming Preeta.

Sherlyn tells that she just cares for the family. Mahesh reacts after a long time. He hears the family discussion going on. He reacts when Sherlyn blames Preeta again and again. The family worries for him and also hopes for his recovery. Aroras spend some time in peace. Preeta thinks of Karan and misses him dearly. Shrishti meets Sameer and hugs him happily that everything got fine.

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Sameer praises her for the big revelation she made in the court so confidently. She tells that she got the video from Sherlyn’s phone with the help of Karan. Sameer pulls her leg. Preeta awaits Karan’s phone. She calls Karan again. Mahira lies to her that Karan is trying his wedding outfit. Preeta doesn’t believe her. She reprimands Mahira for lying to her. Will Mahesh come out of the coma and expose Sherlyn’s evil? Keep reading.

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  1. Yes it about time he comes out of that coma and set his family straight .. And get evil sherlyn out that house.. And write a lovely and happy, sincere family drama…

  2. Let’s not forget there is just one Sherlyn enough against a whole bunch of 10 foolish idiots—the Luthra family to see that Mahesh goes back into his Coma State temporarily or even permanently and see that he will never again open his Mouth and remember the past life and events.

  3. About time mahesh bhai…jaago…please don’t loose memory…hopefully he wakes up and acts to have lost his memory to see what sherlyn is up to next..

  4. Writer please bring mahesh back out of coma and expose sherlyn. That would really be the climax. I hope this revelation is done soon and not dragged along

  5. I hope Bua Karina would also get punished.. she kept supporting both Mahira and Sherlyn.
    Karan is an idiot, Rishabh is the best and Preeta is very weak. I loved the show until Rishabhs Wedding, it got worse and worse after that. I read the written updates.. almost.

  6. What about prthvi gays he is now in nagain 4 and he is absent in kB sherlyn ‘s punnu baby Nd what about her pregnancy ???

  7. Hopefully when Mahesh comes out of the coma he has his memory intact, I am eager to see Sherlyn gets thrown out of the house, this evil is going on for too long, time for it to end.??

    • True…. talk,zee world is always beating around the bush….All their movies are wacko…pls end the movie if u don’t Know what to write again and stop twisting impossicant

  8. Yes definitely it’s about time he has to put sherlyn in her place… Has for mahira she needs to go back from where ever it is she came.


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