Kumkum Bhagya Zee5 Sony Dad Ki Dulhan Combo snips

Kumkum Bhagya Zee5 Sony Dad Ki Dulhan Combo snips

Kumkum Bhagya Zee5 Sony Dad Ki Dulhan Combo snips Ranbir and Prachi get locked in the library. She wants to go out. Ranbir tells her that if the lights go off, they will be just sinking in each other’s eyes. He tells hat she may fall in love with him. Prachi is really falling for him, but doesn’t want to accept. He tells that they have to do something to get out of the library, else they will be falling in love. Prachi asks him to stop his nonsense and just find some way to go out.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:

Amber confesses that he is Guneet’s online friend Nodramaplz. His imaginative conversation comes to an end. He looks for Guneet. He finds the door locked. He wants to talk to her. He recalls that she is heartbroken. He thinks Anurag and Guneet would be in sorrow. He doesn’t want Guneet to take any wrong step. He calls her up and then leaves a message. Randeep takes his dad’s help in saving Amber’s sinking business. Nia has resigned from her job after facing problems due to her responsibility towards her dad. Amber cheers her up. He hopes new opportunities come knocking her way. He wants her to move on and not sulk in sadness.

He surprises her and asks her to ride a bike. She wants to ride alone. He asks her to forget the past and just look ahead. Nia is happy to make a new start in her life. Amber teaches her to ride and then gives her wings to fly. Nia learns it very quickly and surprises him. She gets happy. He tells her that Guneet has gone somewhere. He asks Nia if she knows about her.

Nia tells that she doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t show her concern for Guneet directly. She tells that Guneet would have gone to some relative for a break. Amber encourages her to get a new job. He asks her to call Guneet and take her welfare. She doesn’t understand the reason for Guneet breaking the Roka. She finds her crazy. Amber knows Guneet did the right thing by following her heart. Kabir doesn’t want Nia to resign. She objects to the agreement rules. Kabir explains her the penalty she would face. He wants her to continue her job.

Spoilers Top twists

Amber decides to charm Guneet and win her heart, just like he has won her heart by being her online friend. He takes it a wonderful new start. Amber learns that Guneet has come home. He runs to meet Guneet, feeling like a teenager fallen in love.

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