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Colors Shakti Lovers battle Virat Heer declaration

Spoilers Peak Latest Top 5 Colors Prime shows Heer compels Virat to accept her love, else she will commit suicide. Virat gets helpless to stop her from making a big mistake. Sant Baksh meets his friend to fix Virat’s marriage with his friend’s daughter. Dadu learns about Virat’s marriage getting fixed and is worried. Virat is helpless to stop Heer from hurting herself. Heer tells him that he had no right to make an entry in her life and profess love, by giving her dreams. She tells that she doesn’t want to lose him. She wants his love more than friendship. Virat gets compelled to save her life and their friendship. Virat returns home and receives a big shock to know about his engagement.

Barister Babu:

Bondita falls in a big trouble when Binoy decides to send her with the widows. The widows forcibly take her to Vrindavan, the widows place, from where its impossible for her to return. Saurabh timely informs Anirudh about Binoy’s plans. He asks Anirudh to just take Bondita, else he will never be able to get her back from Vrindavan. Anirudh runs to save Bondita. He swims all his way to reach the boat and rescues Bondita. He gets Bondita back and begins a battle with his family for his wife’s rights.

Shubh Aarambh:

Rani wants to tell Raja about his aunt’s truth. She is deeply hurt that everyone is fooling him. Raja and Rani have a romantic moment while playing holi colours. Raja gets emotional and misses his mum. Rani wants to tell him the truth. She spikes the sweets. She wants the aunt to tell the truth herself. She feeds the sweets to the aunt. She wants to expose the conspiracies and save Raja’s future. Raja and Rani perform in the celebrations and play with holi. Aunt reveals everything to Raja’s mum. Raja’s mum signs Rani to get Raja fast and make him hear the truth.

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story:

Pinky has to expose Gagan’s truth. She stays with Arjun’s family. Pinky and Dadi get a shelter in Arjun’s house. Ram wants to get Lavanya home. He wants his wife to help him. Pinky is fed up of her life’s problems. She wants to divorce Gagan, as Dadi advises her. Gagan tells Ram that he will create a big drama to get Pinky home. He asks Ram to help him. Ram asks him to keep the marriage with Pinky. Ram learns Pinky’s divorce decision.

Bepannah Pyaar:

Kunti takes a big move to kill Raghbir and Pragati. Raghbir was divorcing Pragati. He stops himself from making the blunder. He is in dilemma. He then meets her and tells her that he doesn’t need her, he is right to leave her and go with Kunti. Kunti decides to kill Raghbir, since she doesn’t have any benefit left. Kunti tells him that he also has to die, along with Pragati.

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    • That was pre independence tym..it used to happen at that tym..nd the show is focusing on how to fight for your rights especially girls who today also decide to remain quit. This practice is very old..if all the girls were like bondita at that tym then in actual sense, women of today would have been given equal status of that of men..still r society is mainly manly dominant


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