Kundali Bhagya Mahesh returns High voltage twists

Kundali Preeta harsh stunned Mahesh accident truth out

Kundali Bhagya Mahesh returns High voltage twists Sameer and Shrishti have cute moments of love. He wants Shrishti in his life. Biji and Janki drink the cough syrup once again. Sarla controls them from drinking plenty of the syrup. They are glad that Karan helped them. Sarla doesn’t think so. She thinks Luthras helped themselves, not Preeta, since Sherlyn was wrong and got free easily. She explains them that Karan and Luthras helped Preeta just to cover up Sherlyn’s crimes. Preeta realizes that Sarla is right. Sarla tells that they can’t trust anyone in Luthra family, she can’t trust Karan, she can trust Rishabh partly. She reminds them that Karan cheated them so much that she can never forgive him. She tells that Preeta is innocent and gets tricked by Luthras so easily.

She doesn’t want Preeta to fall in Karan’s trap again. She explains that Preeta and Shrishti helped themselves, they have caught the truck driver and also got the evidence in the court. She doesn’t think she is wrong. Luthras call a doctor for Mahesh’s check up. They want Mahesh to get fine. Kareena consoles Dadi and gives her courage. Sherlyn wishes that Mahesh dies, since he knows her truth. Mahira doesn’t want her marriage to get cancelled. The family asks Doctor about Mahesh’s state. Doctor gives the good news that Mahesh is recovering. The family rushes to meet Mahesh. Sherlyn thinks what would she do if Mahesh tells her name and crimes to the family.

Preeta realizes that Sarla hates Luthras, because of Karan’s mistakes. She knows Karan’s feelings were right this time, he has spoiled everything by his mistakes and anger. She feels for Karan. She wants to call him and thank. Karan is happy that Mahesh will be fine. He thinks to call Preeta and inform her about Mahesh. Preeta and Karan call each other. They fail to connect. Mahira asks Sherlyn why isn’t she happy with Mahesh’s recovery. Sherlyn tells that she has lied to get saved from the family blames. She thinks she has made a good image in front of the family. Mahira and Sherlyn rejoice that their plan worked. Sherlyn recalls Mahesh knowing Prithvi and her truth.

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Mahira acts in front of Kareena. She cancels the party. She tells that Karan is too busy in his work. Kareena assures that she will convince Karan and send him in the party. Mahira thanks her. Kareena wants Mahira and Karan to be together. Karan imagines Preeta when Mahira comes to wake him up. He gets shocked to see her and makes her away. She gets mistaken that he wants to come close to her. Preeta also imagines Karan waking her up.

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  1. Now don’t let evil sherlin win again Mahesh should expose her n what about sherlin s pregnancy y not exposing her pregnancy


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