Beyhadh Rudra in danger Maya exhibits dark hatred

Beyhadh Rudra in danger Maya exhibits dark hatred

Beyhadh Rudra in danger Maya exhibits dark hatred Aditya looks after Nandini and acts too humble. He makes her have the food when she refuses to Rajeev. Aditya asks Rajeev to ask for his help if he wants. Rajeev starts liking Aditya. Mrityunjay tells Maya that her love for Rudra will be ruining her. He feels she got the courage to fight him. He tells that he is glad that her fear ended, since it will end courage and passion too. She tells him that Manvi is dead and she is Maya now. He doesn’t think so and challenges her to weaken her. Maya hurts herself and calls Rudra for help.

Rudra asks Mrityunjay what has happened to her. He finds her finger hurt. He doesn’t want her hand to get infected. He asks her to remove the ring. Nandini and Aditya also ask her to get rid of the ring, that’s harming her. Maya refuses to remove it, since its a sign of Rudra’s love. Rudra doesn’t want her to find her love in any thing, than their souls. He breaks the ring in anger and tells her that no emotion is good if it gets limitless, not even love, everything should be in limits to keep people sane and sound. Mrityunjay likes Rudra’s step and his words. He is sure that Rudra won’t support Maya knowing her madness. Rudra tells that if the love hurts you, then it should be ruined.

Maya tells him that his love will end all her pain and fears. She feels she has won in front of Mrityunjay. She has got rid of the ring by refusing first. Mrityunjay understands that she is playing with their minds. Antara complains to MJ about Maya. Maya meets them and tells that none can predict her next move, she will not spare them, its better than they spend much with their son. He warns her to not do anything to Rudra. Maya threatens them. Antara is much stressed and asks MJ to protect her.

Mrityunjay tells that he should love Manvi, who is ending his life’s problems. Antara asks him to realize that she is his support, if she gets knocked off, then none will save him. Maya writes a letter for Antara. Antara gets threatened by her and loses her cool. Antara angrily goes to oust Nandini from the house. Rudra stops her. Antara tells Rudra that Nandini is insulting her. He tells that Maya and Nandini are taking revenge on them. She fails to prove anything. Rudra asks Antara is she is hallucinating. Antara tells that Maya wants revenge and its clear. Rudra wants to know the motive for the revenge.

Antara tells about MJ, who changes her words and asks her to get rid of the addiction. He calmly apologizes to Nandini. He handles the matter. He finds Antara falling weak. Nandini doesn’t want to face more insult. She wants to leave from Roy mansion. Maya threatens to leave the house where her mum got insulted. Mrityunjay understands her plan. Maya gets unstoppable.

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Rudra tells Maya that he will also leave the house to keep his love vow. Maya plays the next move to threaten Mrityunjay about Rudra. MJ knows she loves Rudra a lot and would never harm him. Maya tells him that her hatred is limitless and may make her do anything. She scares Mrityunjay by showing Rudra in real danger.

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