Kahaan Hum Epic slap Nishi Sonakshi clash upcoming

Enormous slap Nishi Sonakshi clash
Picture 7. Sonakshi's epic slap to Nishi. Sonakshi takes the avatar of a Tamil nurse Parvati and vents out her anger build up on Nishi by a rough slap. It doesn't change Nishi's wickedness, but gives some satisfaction to Sonakshi's fans for getting to see her daring side.

Kahaan Hum Epic slap Nishi Sonakshi clash upcoming Nishi has broken the antidote bottle. She wants Rohit to die by falling prey to the virus. She gets all the credit for all the research and hardwork done by her hospital staff to make the supervirus antidote. She answers the media in a way that she just praise her leadership qualities. She doesn’t give any credit to Rohit or Sonakshi, who are the two persons responsible for the making of the antidote. She tells that the expert doctors have completed the research and found the solution to fight supervirus. She also adds that she has sold the patent to the government to help in saving many lives. She gets miffed when the reporters ask for Sonakshi. The media asks if Sonakshi risked her life for the experimental procedure.

They praise Sonakshi for showing a big heart. Nishi tells that Sonakshi has helped the doctor’s team, who is taking good care of her. She doesn’t want Sonakshi to become a great figure. She stops the media from meeting Sonakshi. She gets discharge papers ready to send away Sonakshi. Suman wants to take Sonakshi home. A patient’s mother calls Sonakshi as Parvati Devi, who has saved her son. She is grateful and indebted to Sonakshi for being a savior. Sonakshi is more than happy to help. She goes to meet Rohit, but Veena and Nishi block her way. Veena turns into a selfish woman again.

She asks Sonakshi to stay away from Rohit and not show fake concern. She is hurt by Sonakshi’s bitter words. Sonakshi was compelled by Nishi. She can’t tell the truth to Veena. She bears Veena and Nishi’s anger. Nishi doesn’t let Sonakshi get through. She asks Sonakshi to keep her esteem and just leave. Suman finds it expected since Sippys are very selfish and ungrateful. She tells them that Sonakshi has saved Rohit’s life. Veena turns impossible and makes Sonakshi out. Sonakshi gets heartbroken.

Sumit meets her and learns that Veena didn’t let her meet Rohit. He tells her that she can go home, he will stay with Rohit and find out about his health. Veena thinks Rohit is given the antidote, and still not recovering. She wonders why is this happening. Nishi misleads her and tells that its Suman’s curse on Rohit. She further poisons her mind against Rastogis. Doctor tells Veena that Rohit’s body isn’t responding to the antidote. Veena prays for him. Nishi thinks she will soon get rid of Rohit. Later, Suman takes Sonakshi home.

She doesn’t find Pari and looks for her. Sonakshi sees Rohit’s picture and gets emotional. She thinks she couldn’t understand his love. She feels bad that she felt hatred for her Rohit. She misses him and yearns to meet him. She wishes that he gets fine. Suman tells her that Pari isn’t at home. She gets worried.

Elsewhere, Rohan gets Pari home, which rages Tanya. Tanya can’t tolerate Pari and misbehaves. Rohan controls Tanya and tells that Pari is ready to give them her child. He is thankful to Pari and wants Tanya to be thankful too. Rohan tells that Pari has kept the condition and wants to stay with them until the delivery. Tanya blames Pari for snatching Rohan. She doesn’t trust Pari. Pari gives her word that the baby will be called Tanya’s baby forever. Tanya gets emotional once she feels the baby’s kick.

Rohan and Tanya agree to keep Pari in Sippy mansion. Rohit’s state gets deteriorated. Doctors worry that the antidote isn’t working on him, but working on other patients. He tells Veena that Rohit’s state is getting worse. Veena wants Rastogis to stay away from Rohit. She asks Nishi to call the best doctors to save Rohit. Nishi manipulated Veena, who is fragile minded still. She tells that she loves Rohit a lot and called the best doctors for him. She asks Veena to keep hope. Sonakshi calls Sumit to know about Rohit. She doesn’t learn much from him. She calls Tulsi and learns that his state is worse, since antidote isn’t working on his body.

Sonakshi wonders how can this happen, maybe Nishi is involved, Nishi would be harming Rohit. She recalls Nishi’s words and knows that Nishi didn’t give the antidote to Rohit. She tells Tulsi that she is coming. She thinks her acting talent will help her now, she has to trick Veena and Nishi to get an entry inside. She uses her dramatic elements. She becomes a nurse Parvati and reaches Rohit. She gets worried seeing his state and vows to save him.

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Nishi hinders her and tells that she isn’t called by Sippy hospital. Sonakshi misleads her. She slaps Nishi and gives a shock of her life. She joins hands with Sumit and Tulsi, to rescue Rohit. She goes to the lab to find the antidote. She gets the antidote and injects it to Rohit, saving his life. Rohit and Sonakshi have a moment after she saves him. They gear up to fight Nishi.

Best comment by Manisha:

I have stopped watching Starplus cause of injustice to best serial KHKT in all ways. Anyway all those serials are hopeless and the one scheduled in place of KHKT will also be the same. Please please continue KHKT. Very very different one having best cast, outstanding performance by lead pair and all cast, best storyline, unbeatable chemistry of Dipika and Karan.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kahaan Hum Epic slap Nishi Sonakshi clash : 5/5
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  1. Pla extend khkt ..air it on hotstar or late night..but keep it going…we still need to see best chemistry of ronakshi ..they look fabulous…sometimes love of public is more than trp … i feel those who sees this show all love s it..% vice more people would be lo ing it those who sees it….the best is yet to come ..these guys r great together ..camt imagine anyother pair woth such understanding.

  2. I really really luv dis serial, my lyf i really luv both star ya yu khe whole sippy n rastogis both…. Plz don’t stop dis serial plzzzz… Awesome all d characters..

  3. I’m watching this serial khkt from day one. I dint feel anyware it’s bor are like other serial. The chemistry of dipika and Karan is awesome. Try to continue With both bonding chemistry. People are likeing this very much. But try to keep lots of happy moments not all the time negetive.

  4. this is really heart breaking we as fans watch this show and trp also rise on the basis of our likings but right now i dnt feel like starplus is at all considering our emotions…they make shows to entertain us but if we are pleading so much to not off air this show why the channel is paying no heed to our constant request and pleads…have they become so heartless? or they dnt care that none of us would watch starplus if this show goes off air???
    its our emotions we seriousluly want this serial to stay… can’t starplus understand this small thing… what is all this fuss about…and the shows which does not at all deserve to be on the channel in continuing for so long….. this was fresh but ig the channel does not have a good test for shows to be casted on their channel…i guess they are way too insensible to understand this pleads..as if for them this trend and our constant request is a joke…shame

  5. After the last episode of KHKT I will stop watching star plus . Extremely wrong decision taken by Star plus to discontinue dis serial .
    The other serials running on d channel especially dat YRKH is d worst serial now . O mean it’s so irritating to watch Naira and Kartik and nagging story where one storyline is dragged for weeks .
    Please if u value wat the viewers want to watch den plss ask d makers to make season 2 of KHKT .
    Orelse it’s better to begin watching Colors der serials are much better .

  6. After the last episode of KHKT I will stop watching star plus . Extremely wrong decision taken by Star plus to discontinue dis serial .
    The other serials running on d channel especially dat YRKH is d worst serial now . O mean it’s so irritating to watch Naira and Kartik and nagging story where one storyline is dragged for weeks .
    Please if u value wat the viewers want to watch den give wat we want .
    Orelse it’s better to begin watching Colors der serials are much better .

  7. Most of the shows on Star Plus are useless. This is the only show i am watching regularly without a delay. The story is so meaningful and romantic. Usually i get bored with most of the serials but this show keep me in wonder until next day that what was coming would be interesting.

  8. It’s a wonderful show. Karan and dipika are at the best. Wish the show could have continued for some more time. I am watching this serial from the day one and the online pair of Ronakshi is just superb. Very nice acting ?.. plz continue the serial. I watch only this show. Will miss very much

  9. The chemistry between the lead actors is mind blowing. It doesn’t seem like acting its as if they are living it. This show has to go on. I keep sharing their romantic interludes with my friends. Starplus you are doing a great injustice to KHKT.
    Please don’t go off air.

  10. Really disappointed with channels decision…. How can u afford to do injustice with fans and the team of KHKT.
    Please don’t stop or show it on hotstar… Atleast please.


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