Kahaan Hum Miracle Starplus Ronakshi shocker Tonight

Kahaan Hum Miracle Starplus Ronakshi shocker Tonight
Picture 8. Rohit and Sonakshi's soulful meet in his hallucination when he is close to die due to the supervirus. Rohit confesses his immense love to Sonakshi and also apologizes for the injustice he has done to her because of Nishi. A memorable moment indeed.

Kahaan Hum Miracle Starplus Ronakshi shocker Tonight Sonakshi learns that Nishi hadn’t given any antidote to Rohit to kill him. Doctor tells her that Nishi had kept the antidote in the cold storage safe, which is locked and not accessible to anyone. Sonakshi thinks she won’t be able to get the keys easily. Sumit calls her to know about her plans, since she has gone against Suman to reach Sippy hospital once again. He doesn’t want her to take the burden on her shoulders when no one in the Sippy family loves her. He isn’t aware of Rohit’s life falling in danger. He wants her to fine. He asks her to return home. She asks for his help. Sonakshi tells him that she has come with an aim to save Rohit.

She reveals that Nishi is causing harm to Rohit’s life. Sumit can’t believe this that Nishi fell so low. She explains her plan and asks him to come home. Sumit picks up a disguise and heads to meet Nishi. Nishi bids a farewell to Rohit. She is glad that he is dying and this will ruin Sonakshi’s life as well. She tells Rohit that she will come to mourn on his death when she receives the bad news. She gets a doubt on Parvati, since her background information isn’t clear. She is angry to get slapped by her. She calls the wellness centre to know about Parvati. Suman meets Sonakshi and blesses her. She tells that she has come with blessings for Rohit.

She knows that only Sonakshi can save Rohit. She feels Rohit and Sonakshi are destined to meet. She praises Sonakshi. Sonakshi finds Nishi close and shouts on Suman to oust her. Nishi sees Suman and doubts on Parvati. She asks Parvati about talking to Suman. Sonakshi as Parvati, lies to Nishi to save herself. She fools Nishi by singing her praise. She tells that some officer from the ministry has come to meet her. Nishi finds it a good opportunity to get famous. She rushes to meet the officer. She meets Sumit, who tricks her by a fake identity. He keeps her engaged in an interview. She dreams to get the prestigious award from the ministry.

Sonakshi checks Nishi’s cabin and gets the safe keys to get the antidote. Nishi learns that Parvati doesn’t work in the wellness centre. She wants to catch her and find her truth. Sumit informs Tulsi about Nishi’s doubt on Sonakshi. Tulsi arranges a help in time to save Sonakshi. Nishi confronts Sonakshi for her real identity. Sonakshi tries to fool her again. She tells that she isn’t lying, she is really Parvati. Nishi makes a call to wellness centre again and asks for Parvati. She learns that Parvati is sent to Sippy hospital for helping infected patients. Nishi gets speechless.

Before she questions Sonakshi more, Sumit reaches Nishi and takes her for the interview by insisting much. Sonakshi gets a big relief that Sumit and Tulsi managed to send Nishi away. She goes to the cold storage safe and gets the antidote. She rushes the antidote to Rohit. Unfortunately, power line fluctuates due to the stormy weather and Sonakshi gets stuck in the lift. She wants to reach Rohit as soon as possible. She seeks help. Rohit is losing his life. He gets a visual of meeting Sonakshi, confessing love, apologizing for hurting her. Sonakshi wants him to be alive and keep her happy to pay for his mistakes. She doesn’t want him to go far from her.

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Furthermore, Rohit gets sinking. Doctor checks him and declares him dead. This shocks Sippy family. Sonakshi makes a way to Rohit. Nishi thinks Rohit is dead. She goes to fake some sorrowful tears for Rohit’s death. She asks Veena if Rohit is fine, why is she crying so much. Veena informs that she is crying happily, since Rohit has survived the supervirus attack. Nishi can’t believe this. Sonakshi has succeeded to save Rohit. They join hands to expose Nishi’s crimes.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 5/5
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Best comment by Ush:

It’s a wonderful show. Karan and dipika are at the best. Wish the show could have continued for some more time. I am watching this serial from the day one and the online pair of Ronakshi is just superb. Very nice acting, please continue the serial. I watch only this show. Will miss very much.


  1. Fantastic serial. Very well made. Short and sweet with a wonderful story unlike other serials which runs for years with boring stories either someone loosing memory, someone kidnapped or multi marriages. This serial was the only one very precise. Hats of to you. Come with more serials like this.

  2. Dipika and karan and this show was just perfect..ig starplus has a bad taste fpr serials to be showcased in their channel… this was their luck that Sandip sir thought of airing this serial in this useless channel who did not value the best show..the channel lost many of its viewership because of its decision to off air this show by making excuse of low TRP… I feel sad for Sandip sir as well as the cast of khkt who thought to air their best piece in a channel like starplus which does not value good contents…it only needs useless dramas to be showcasted like rebirth with the same look and age… lol…thosands of saas bahu drama, divorce, memory loss,remarriage and some fiction like dayans,jins,pishachini and what not…Starplus don’t deserve great piece of creativity like Dil sambhal jaa zara which was unique and this Kaha hum kaha tum.. that is why it off airs these show so fast and keep all the bullshits running for years and even give sequels to it..bloody politics..shame on u…

  3. This was the only serial i watch.will miss a lot.pls come up with such serials again .This was the most precise serial rather than others which drag for years taking leaps.Will miss Ronakshi .

  4. I totally fail to understand why the story of KHKT have to come to an end so quickly.
    Both Rohit and Dipika’s acting is fantastic.


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