Dad Ki Dulhan Special twist brings Amber Guneet closer

Finale Sony Mere Dad Amber Guneet super dinner date

Dad Ki Dulhan Special twist brings Amber Guneet closer Amber surprises Guneet by calling a home salon services for her. Guneet asks what is he planning to do, when he isn’t such big hearted. She asks if he is in some trauma. She wants to talk to Nia. She wants the salon girls to go. Amber lies that Nia had called them and isn’t at home, so its better that she takes the service. Amber compliments her. Guneet accepts his new surprise. Amber stays with her and makes sure of her comforts. He asks her to relax on the new chair. She likes the recliner. Amber and Guneet like the peace in the house. She thanks him for sending Pammi on the tour.

He tells that he likes to do a lot for her. He dreams of spending time with her. She likes the salon services. Guneet feels like life just because of Amber’s efforts. She smiles all the day without any tension. She praises Amber for doing so much for her. She doesn’t know he is intentionally doing this. She wants to thank him. She doesn’t think she should hope for more help from him. Amber learns a shocking news that Pammi is missing. Guneet overhears his conversation and is worried. Amber and Guneet rush to find Pammi. They get the location from Ghanshyam and try to find out how did Pammi go missing.

Amber tells Guneet that he is driving slow for her comforts. She panics for her mum. They try to find Pammi. Amber tells her that its not his fault if her mum has run away. Guneet tells that Pammi can’t run away, she is surely lost. He turns polite so that he doesn’t anger her. He tells that he will find Pammi without much ado. He cracks jokes tries to make Guneet relieved. Guneet asks him about his change. Amber and Guneet get stuck on the way by following his smart instincts. Guneet blames herself for all the wrong things happening around. Amber makes her realize her good deeds and values her a lot. He asks her to never change herself. She wants to know the reason for his kindness towards her. Will Amber confess his feelings? Keep reading.

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  1. Hmmm … This serial is now on right track _ Vadola and shweta now far ahead of Anjali n co – (I don’t think ki ab corporate matters main kisi ki dilchaspi hogi -) shweta ko bahut khoobsurat pesh kiya gaya hai aur utna hi Vadola ko original – abhi sab kuch equilibrium main chal raha hai – script bhi kasi hui hai – jo generally kam ho paati hai – issey pahle ye KACHI DHOOP aur phir wahi talaash main hi notice kiya tha mainey – anyways ! Once again a big big salute to the Team – ( uffff acting script writing sach main bahut mushkil , itnaaaa toh main bhi imagine kar paata )

    Well done – go ahead !!!! Good luck


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