Rishtey Starplus NEW Mishti accused Mishbir coming clash

Rishtey Pyaar Varun triggers Mishti's fear 18th July 2020

Rishtey Starplus NEW Mishti accused Mishbir coming clash Meenakshi forgives Mishti and Kuhu for their funny jokes on her. She laughs and makes everyone relieved of the tension. Kunal apologizes to Meenakshi from his wife’s side. Mishti defends her sister. Kuhu also shows much love for Mishti. Abir and Kunal take their wives to their rooms to stop their drunken drama. Abir asks Mishti about calling Meenakshi as Big ben. She tells that he gave that nickname to his mum, so she didn’t do anything wrong. He tells that he has applied her colours and won the challenge, now she has to kiss him. Mishti doesn’t listen to him.

Abir romances her and asks for a kiss. Mishti runs away from him. She asks him to catch her if he can. Nidhi and Jasmeet share a laugh and get into a chilli eating competition. Kaushal knows that their hangover will end soon. Kuhu also gets eating the chillies. She soon gets to senses. Kunal fools her of her doings knowing she doesn’t remember anything. Meenakshi doesn’t want her plan to fail. She thinks she can still make Mishti and Kuhu against. She takes a bag to leave in Kuhu’s room. Abir and Mishti run into the same room and romance. Meenakshi feels odd and hides from them.

She then cleverly sends Nidhi to Kuhu and Kunal’s room. Abir and Mishti’s romance go on. He asks Mishti why is she scared. He challenges her again. She tells him that she is still the same. Nidhi finds the sleeping pills in the bag. She reveals the matter to everyone, which becomes a big issue. Abir, Mishti and family gather in the living room to know from Kuhu about the pills found in her room. Meenakshi and Kunal question Kuhu about the pills. Parul doesn’t want them to doubt Kuhu. She defends her Bahu and proves her innocence by testifying in her favor. Vishwamber and Abir also support Kuhu. They know that she can never do this.

Meenakshi tells them that her son fell ill and she wants to know the cause. Abir tells that he isn’t interested in knowing the truth, he just wants the family to be in peace. He stops Meenakshi’s investigations. He tells that he is fine now and wants them to close the chapter. He apologizes to Maheshwaris. He promises to support Kuhu. Kunal also assures Varsha that he will talk to Kuhu. Parul tells that she will talk to her Bahu Kuhu. Mishti tries to console Kuhu. She gets blamed by Kuhu once again. She tells Kuhu that she didn’t tell anyone the truth, she didn’t keep the pills in the room.

Kuhu admits that she dropped the pill in the coffee by mistake. She doesn’t trust Mishti and shouts at her. Mishti calls her selfish and asks her to think of supportive Parul. She feels fed up of Kuhu’s games. Kuhu tells that she doesn’t want to share the house and family with Mishti. She asks Mishti to go away. Abir is much hurt to hear their quarrel. Mishti apologizes to him for concealing the matter to save Kuhu.

Ishq SubhanAllah

She now feels that Kuhu should get punished so that she doesn’t repeat her mistake. Abir doesn’t want the matter to come out, since it can spoil Kunal, Kuhu and Parul’s terms. He tells Mishti that his family doesn’t deserve any fights, while she likes to fight for everything. Mishti gets hurt by his words and asks him if he is blaming her for her parents’ fights. She gets upset by misunderstanding his words. Abir apologizes to her. Kuhu tries to fill poison in his mind, which angers Mishti.

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