Kasauti Starplus Big shocker for Komolika coming

Kasautii Zindagi Anurag returns with ulterior motives

Kasauti Starplus Big shocker for Komolika coming Anurag and Prerna don’t stop to bid even after crossing the 50 cr limits. Anurag’s manager asks him to stop bidding and just let the other company take the land, else it will be big loss for them. Prerna bids for a higher amount. Anurag doesn’t listen to his manager and bids once again to get the land for his Basu city dream project. Prerna calls Mr. Bajaj to take his permission for bidding higher and snatching the land from Anurag. Mr. Bajaj knows her determination and asks her to go ahead. He knows she won’t be able to stop herself after being so close to victory. She thanks Mr. Bajaj and bids for 60 cr. Anurag’s manager doesn’t let him bid further.

Prerna wins the land. Mr. Bajaj is happy to see her winning the bid. He tells that he loves her a lot and can do anything for her. He realizes that she has done this to snatch his dreams by ruining his dream project. Mr. Bajaj wishes Prerna for her meet with Anurag. He thinks it will be a big shock for Anurag. Anurag doesn’t see Prerna’s face and speaks to her. He congratulates her for winning the bid. He tells that the deal would be a loss for her, since he owns the commercial land opposite to the residential land. He doesn’t think she has earned any profit. She breaks her silence.

She faces him and tells him that everything that ruins him will bring profits for her. She tells that she will be at peace after hurting him and breaking his dreams. He is shell shocked to see her. He doesn’t want her to know his real feelings. He behaves rude with her. He reminds that he had tried to kill her by pushing her into the river. He asks why did she come back and how is she alive. She tells him that she has come to take revenge on him, she will start with breaking his dreams. He insults her and her undying love for him. He wants to know if she is still after him. She tells him that she is after him just to ruin him.

She wants to shatter his dreams and make him helpless. He tells that he cares a damn for her and wants her out of the sight. He advises her to go back and stay away from his life if she wants to be happy. She tells him that she will ruin his happiness in order to stay happy. She gives him a warning and goes away. He wants to secure her from Komolika. He wants to send her back to Mr. Bajaj. She wants to ruin Anurag and Komolika. Nivedita learns the shocking news that Anurag lost the bidding. She can’t believe this. She wants to know who is responsible for this. She asks the manager to find out who has won the auction. Mohini bears the insult by Komolika. Her friend feels bad for her and reminds that Prerna was better than Komolika.

Mohini keeps quiet and is scared of Komolika. She follows Komolika’s orders. Komolika also gets the news that Anurag has lost the auction. She was confident that he will win the land some how. She vents anger on her friend. Mohini gets worried. Anurag and Prerna get stuck in the lift. They get a chance to fight and vent out their annoyances. Kaushik and Kuki also fight and think of the destiny that’s bringing them and AnuPre together. He tells her that Prerna is after Anurag. Kuki tells him that Prerna has won the auction. She learns this after speaking to Prerna. Anurag wants to get out of the lift as soon as possible to avoid Prerna.

Kumkum Bhagya

The lift stops when they want to rush out. He calls Kaushik for help, while Prerna informs Kuki about the situation. Kaushik and Kuki rush to help them and bring them out. Prerna has a storm in her heart and wants to ruin Anurag. Their banter goes on. He asks if she will ask for his help, if she is scared of the darkness. She tells him that she isn’t scared of heights, darkness or anything else. She tells that his cheat had turned her into a strong person and now nothing makes her afraid. He is surprised to see a good change in her. He still tries to hurt her heart by talking romantically with Komolika.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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  1. This show is getting interesting day by day… I love to watch this show.. But it is difficult to adjust watching the new actors on the show…

  2. I think with the amount of sacrifice Anurag made nothing in the world could make him push prerna..if so it should have been a good enough reason…if she was to go on trial,she had the proof of the doctor that she had a bullet in her which means she was defending herself while pushing viraj..it’s turning out crap…same like the last one…a good start with a bad finish


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