Ranbir Prachi Abhi Pragya Kumkum Holi Romance

Ranbir Prachi Abhi Pragya Kumkum Holi Romance

Ranbir Prachi Abhi Pragya Kumkum Holi Romance Prachi shares her sorrow with Pragya. She feels that she has put Ranbir in mess. Pragya motivates her. She tells that none could have shown much courage, its fine that she has at least tried, its in fate that they win or lose. She asks Prachi not to feel bad of whatever happened. Prachi knows Pragya doesn’t like to play Holi. She asks her to accompany her to Kohli’s holi party since its their last chance to help Ranbir. She shows belief in Pragya. She hopes Pragya sorts out everything. She requests Pragya. Pragya agrees to come for her sake. She clears that she won’t play with the colours. Prachi calls her the best.

Meanwhile, Kohlis celebrate Holi happily. They play with colours. Ranbir tells Aryan that he always applies colours to others and doesn’t let anyone smear colour on him. Aryan challenges him to avoid the colours till the end of the day. Ranbir accepts the challenge. Kohlis and Mehras celebrate Holi happily, until Chobey comes. Aaliya smears colours to Aryan happily. Ranbir gets saved from Vikram, Abhi and Purab. He doesn’t want anyone to make him lose the challenge. Abhi tells that he will meet Chobey. Aaliya and Aryan celebrate Holi with Purab. Purab tells how much he missed Aryan. Meera can’t help herself. She just loves Abhi and admires him.

Abhi gets angered when some colours fall over him. He leaves from the event. Meera helps him clean up the colours. She gets smiling with the thought that she is with him. She gets clothes for him. Abhi misses Pragya. Pragya reaches the same event and misses Abhi. She recalls their last Holi together. Kohlis welcome Pragya, who tells that she has come for Ranbir’s sake. She goes to meet Meera. She misses to see Meera leaving. She goes to the room, unaware that its Abhi’s house.

Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn Mahesh face off

Ranbir challenges Prachi that none can apply him colours. Prachi follows him to smear the colour on him. Aryan tells her that Ranbir has won the challenge even last time. He tells that he just lost in Maya’s case, else he was always a winner. She tells that she will smear the colours and tone down his attitude. Ranbir asks her to catch him. He enjoys to see Prachi chasing him with the colours. She tricks him with love. She hugs him and then gets a chance. She wins the challenge by smearing colours on his face. Ranbir gets delighted and thankful for the moment. Will Pragya meet Abhi on this Holi? Keep reading.

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