YRKKH NEW Gayu accident Samarth accuse Kaira defense

YRKKH NEW Gayu accident Samarth accuse Kaira defense

YRKKH NEW Gayu accident Samarth accuse Kaira defense Storm strikes Gayu. She slips down the stairs and falls. She screams in much pain. She wants to go to the doctor and get the checkup done immediately. Kartik and Naira plan a romantic outing after their arrival in Goenka house. They are much relieved after sorting Lav and Kush’s matter. They see Gayu fallen on the floor. They rush to take care of her. He tells that he will call Samarth. Gayu asks him not to tell anything to Samarth or anyone. Naira asks why doesn’t she want them to tell Samarth. Kartik asks if anything happened.

Gayu tells that Samarth is much excited for the baby and seeing many dreams to welcome the baby in the family, he won’t be liking the upsetting news if anything happens to her. They agree to take care to the hospital without telling Samarth. They see Samarth outside and lie to him. They take Gayu in the car. Samarth speaks to Vansh on video call and gets to see Gayu’s condition. Later, Kartik and Naira get Gayu home after her check up. Samarth confronts Gayu for hiding things from him and going to the hospital.

Samarth yells at her and tells that its just his baby, she has made him yearn for the baby for years. He asks if she thought he won’t know anything if she conceals the matter. He tells Gayu that he is the most concerned person for the baby, he wants to become a father. He calls Gayu a careless mother. Dadi and Manish want to know the matter.

Dadi asks Samarth why is she so annoyed. Samarth asks them to ask Gayu, how is she deciding everything alone. Naira asks Samarth not to blame Gayu for everything. Kartik and Naira get upset after recalling the loss of their daughter. Naira sinks in sorrow and gets emotional. Samarth blames Gayu for trying to abort the child, so that Vansh doesn’t share his mum’s love.

Naira asks him to just limit himself. Samarth asks Naira not to interfere between them, its their personal matter. She tells him that she won’t stop, she will defend her sister. She tells that every pregnancy is different, the phase can be happy if the partner is supportive, she should be happy, but she is stressed just because of his overconcern. She wants everyone to understand Gayu’s mood swings and make her feel safe. She asks Samarth to understand Gayu’s emotions.

Dad Ki Dulhan

Kartik tells Samarth that he is a life partner, not a school teacher that he teaches everything to Gayu. He tells that he isn’t the first man to become a father. Naira explains Samarth that they have lost a daughter and they know the pain. Kartik and Naira shed tears and fill sense in Samarth’s mind. Samarth apologizes to Gayu. Dadi tells them that Gayu is carrying Goenkas’ heir, she will try to sort out Gayu’s inner fears in her way if Gayu can’t help herself. She asks Gayu to look after herself and not trouble Samarth.

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