Mere Dad Amber hearty admiration stuns Guneet

Mere Dad Amber hearty admiration stuns Guneet

Mere Dad Amber hearty admiration stuns Guneet Amber tries to ask Ghanshyam about his location and route. Ghanshyam asks him to reach the temple. Amber tells that he should have told it before. Ghanshyam tells that he was making Pammi busy on his saying and then she got lost. Guneet feels happy to know that they will soon find Pammi. Amber and Guneet spend time while being on their journey to find Pammi. She tells that she was enjoying her alone time so much that she wanted Pammi to go missing. Amber likes her positivity. Nia calls Amber. He tells that he is going to find Pammi. Guneet tells that Amber had sent Pammi on a tour and lost her. Amber tells that Pammi went somewhere on her own. Amber thinks its Pammi’s fault to go somewhere, away from the group.

Nia asks him to file a police report. Amber tells that he needs time and will come home late. Nia finds the tale weird. Amber tells Guneet that they will find Pammi, since no one would like to take her. Guneet falls unconscious. Amber’s jeep breaks down. He asks Guneet to push a bit so that the engine gets ignited. Guneet gets glad when her efforts work. They try to find Amber. The old ladies like Guneet and wonder who is the guy with her. They crack jokes on Pammi. Amber and Guneet ask the people about Pammi. The lady tells that she just met Pammi, who was drunk and went with the foreigners. She guides them. Amber gets glad to get some hint.

Ghamshyam gets the news that Pammi has gone to Mathura. The old ladies also want to go and see Pammi’s enjoyment. Guneet and Amber meet the ladies and find their talk weird. Amber lets the ladies continue their trip. He goes with Guneet to find Mathura. He takes help from his sources. He gets the good news that Pammi is found. Guneet turns too happy. Amber wishes to hug her. Guneet controls her over excitement. He also breaks the odd moment. She asks him how did he find her mum. He doesn’t want to show his secret sources.

Their tensions subside. They try to enjoy the trip while they reach Pammi and end the journey. Guneet lives her life like she always wanted. Amber also gets colours in his life just because of her. They reach Mathura and don’t find Pammi in any Holika event. Amber asks her to be hopeful that her mum is fine. She feels Pammi wants to be away from her. She loses hope. Amber tells that Pammi would want her to find her and melt her anger. He asks her to understand a parent’s feeling. Guneet feels she has chosen the loneliness in life, she isn’t at fault. Amber accepts his mistake to plan such a tour.

He gives his word that he will find Pammi. She also accepts her mistake that she has no smartness to identify people right. She wants to change herself, but finds it impossible. He tells her that she shouldn’t change herself for anyone, else it will cause a big difference to the people who love her. He admires her good gestures and makes her believe in herself. He asks her to be assured of Pammi’s return. She wants to know the reason for his change. They join the Holi party to find Pammi and get drunk. Amber and Guneet sing and dance, also trying to find Pammi. Will they find Pammi? Keep reading.

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Best comment by Govind Jindal:
This serial is now on right track. Once again a big big salute to the Team. Well done.


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