Kundali Bhagya worst upcoming deadly attack on Mahesh

Kundali Bhagya worst upcoming deadly attack on Mahesh

Kundali Bhagya worst upcoming deadly attack on Mahesh Karan and Preeta call Mahira and Sherlyn their enemies. They are too intoxicated and behave really weird. They prepare to attack Mahira with the cricket bat and boxing gloves. Mahira gets an entry and wants to know what’s happening. She gets to see Karan and Preeta’s romance.

She is too disturbed. She tries to stop them. Preeta tells that they are husband and wife and won’t share their secrets with anyone. They shut the door on Mahira’s face. Mahira loses her cool. She wants Sherlyn to do something. Their plan has backfired. Mahira doesn’t know why is Preeta intoxicated. She spies on them.

Karan stops them from spying. Mahira begs Sherlyn to stop Preeran romance. Sherlyn wants to hide the matter from everyone, so that they don’t get the thought of uniting Karan and Preeta. Karan and Preeta’s romance continues and disturbs Mahira. Sherlyn asks Mahira to control her emotions and not tell anything to the family. Kareena meets Mahesh and requests him to get fine soon, since the family needs him. Ramona and Sanjana also wish a good recovery to Mahesh. Kareena tells about Karan and Mahira’s marriage happening soon. Sherlyn sends away Kareena.

Mahesh gets conscious and sees Sherlyn. He threatens to tell her truth to everyone. He tells that Preeta is genuinely good, he will tell the family the truth. Sherlyn gets worried. Mahesh asks Kareena to call Rishabh and Karan. Everyone leaves Mahesh alone. Preeta wakes up after some time and realizes that she was intoxicated. She doesn’t want anyone to misunderstand her. She wakes up Karan and asks if he is fine. Karan doesn’t let her go. Sherlyn tells Mahira that once Mahesh gets fine, he will make their lives hell. Mahira asks her why is she scared, if Mahesh gets fine, Karan will agree for the marriage.

Sherlyn tells that Mahesh will throw her out and then she won’t be able to support her. Mahira asks why would this happen. Sherlyn tells that everything will be over for them, Mahesh will testify that Preeta is a nice person. She admits that she is responsible for Mahesh’s coma state. She doesn’t want to get exposed. She tells that Mahesh will make Luthras accept Preeta. Mahesh recalls Sherlyn’s evil. He is left all alone by the family. He awaits Rishabh. He doesn’t get any attender, even when he is just out of coma.

He falls down the bed and tries to reach his wheelchair so that he can go out and tell the truth to his family. He gains courage to expose Sherlyn’s truth. Karan demands Preeta to confess love. She tells him that she wants to help him, she needs to go urgently. Karan believes her and lets her go. Mahira tells that she didn’t know about Mahesh. Sherlyn tells that Mahesh was showing improvement since some days.

They get a huge shock to find Mahesh on his wheelchair. Sherlyn panics while Mahira gives the evil solution, that’s to kill Mahesh. Sherlyn and Mahira hide and await Mahesh near the staircase. Sherlyn tells Mahira that the family shall believe them, that Preeta has pushed Mahesh down. Sherlyn catches Mahesh to kill him. She tells him that Prithvi tried to kill him before and this time she will kill him. She pushes him down the stairs. Mahira acts innocent at first and tells Mahesh that the family is coming to see him. She shocks Mahesh by telling him that she is helping Sherlyn.

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Mahesh learns that she is also evil. They harm Mahesh and throw him down the stairs. Preeta hears Mahesh’s scream and rushes to save him. She calls the Luthras, who witness Mahesh’s injury. Sherlyn and Mahira hide from the family. The Luthras cry for Mahesh. They didn’t expect him to get into danger once again. Mahira blames Preeta once again for trying to kill Preeta. Mahesh turns critical and makes the family worried.

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  1. why would they continue to show this kind of bullshit again and again.?is there any point. ? how can everybody leave the patient who is out of coma after a long time. they don’t want to expose the bloody bitches . writers and the show makers should be banned .


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