Mere Dad Nia cupid for Amber Guneet love story

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Mere Dad Nia cupid for Amber Guneet love story Amber and Guneet get silly while finding Pammi in their intoxicated state. They find Pammi playing Lathmar Holi. Guneet gets glad and wants to run to her. Amber tells Guneet that she will get hurt on her head if she goes like that. He goes to Pammi to bring her. Pammi plays Lathmar holi with him. Amber wants Pammi to stop. Pammi asks Amber why is he following her. Guneet hits Amber’s head by mistake.

She happily hugs Pammi. Meanwhile, Swara chooses We net’s contract finding it better. She tells Nia that We net’s latest offer is surely better and she will just think for her company’s business. Nia and Kabir get into a fight. Nia blames Kabir. Swara wants Nia to behave like a professional and not get personal enmity in between. Nia tells that her work is her passion and will still manage her start up. She feels sad that Swara rejected her dreams.

Guneet tells Amber about her online friend. He wants to know if she is still connected to her friend. She tells that she misses him some times. He asks if she loves her online friend. She tells that she doesn’t love him, but misses him, he was too different and charming. She regrets that he cheated her, but taught her a lesson. Pammi feels they ruined her Holi. Amber thinks its not time to tell Guneet the truth, after hearing her feelings. She doesn’t think Amber can be her online friend. Amber returns home and wishes Nia for Holi.

He tells that he had gone to find Guneet’s mum. Nia realizes that he is under the effect of intoxication. She wants to know the reason for his strange behavior. Amber likes to see Guneet. Nia wishes Guneet. She observes Amber and Guneet’s chemistry. Guneet thanks Amber for finding her mum. Nia wants Amber to confess his feelings. Amber tells that Guneet has become his friend now. Nia tries a different way to know what is he thinking about Guneet. Amber asks Nia not to act smart to get anything out of his heart. She knows that he is in love with Guneet.

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He denies to love Guneet and calls it a bad option. Nia asks him not to fool her. She criticizes Guneet and laughs on her. Amber gets helpless to confess that he loves Guneet. Nia tells that she was joking, she is happy for him. He tells Nia that he will tell her everything, he likes Guneet since she is his online friend Baawra mann. She can’t believe the coincidence that they were chatting, being in the same house, unaware of their identities. Nia plans to unite Amber and Guneet. Also, Guneet plans to find about Amber’s lover.

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