Kundali Lacking story Preeta accused Karan ends ties

Kundali Lacking story Preeta accused Karan ends ties

Kundali Lacking story Preeta accused Karan ends ties Preeta shouts on seeing Mahesh injured. She calls the entire Luthra family, who are much in shock seeing Mahesh critical once again. Rishabh asks how did Mahesh fall down suddenly when he was in his room. Mahira blames Preeta for pushing Mahesh down the stairs to kill him. Sherlyn enjoys the drama. Luthras get another shock with this blame. Preeta and Shrishti are trapped again by Mahira.

Sherlyn thinks Preeta’s entry happened at the right time and now the family will doubt on her. Karan is also in shock to see his dad hurt. Shrishti wants to defend her sister and calls Mahira a liar. Karan gets angry on Mahira for blaming Preeta once again. Mahira sticks to her words. Preeta finally defends herself that she didn’t do anything. Sherlyn lies to them that Preeta had taken Mahesh on the wheelchair. The family rushes Mahesh to the hospital. Sherlyn and Mahira want to kill Mahesh. Shrishti asks Preeta how did this happen.

Preeta wants her to go home to Sarla. Rishabh and Karan try hard to get Mahesh treated. They don’t find any surgeon. Preeta arranges the surgeon for Mahesh’s treatment. Mahesh gets treated in the OT, while Rishabh tries to give strength to the family. He wants the family to just pray for Mahesh’s recovery.

Shrishti doesn’t want to leave Preeta alone. Doctor tells Luthras that Mahesh is in critical condition. He breaks the news that Mahesh has slipped in coma once again. The same phase returns when Mahesh slips in coma and Preeta is accused by Sherlyn. Luthras cry for Mahesh. Sherlyn fills the family’s ears against Preeta. Preeta meets Mahesh and requests him to come out of coma at least for the sake of his needful family. She urges him to get up and come back to keep the family’s hope. She tells him that she knows that he fell down by someone’s conspiracy. She wants to find out who has pushed him down the stairs purposely to harm him.

She promises him that she will catch the culprit. Sherlyn doesn’t want Preeta to be with Mahesh. Mahira tells Sherlyn that the doctor is much talented and can really help Mahesh recover. They get afraid that Mahesh can come out of come state and expose their truth. Mahira tells them that they will take advantage of the situation. Sherlyn thinks Mahira has become much sharp and evil. Rishabh and Karan call Mahesh’s doctor to discuss the case. Kareena tells that she wants to take Mahesh home for his speedy recovery. Mahira lays a doubt in their mind that they can’t trust Preeta’s known surgeon. Sherlyn and Mahira accuse Preeta.

Shrishti asks them to stop the nonsense. She asks them to tell if anyone has seen Mahesh falling down. Mahira tells that none has seen Preeta pushing him, but Mahesh couldn’t reach the stairs on his own. Sherlyn tells that Preeta is behind the murder attempt. Mahira scares them that Mahesh is in danger and may die. Rishabh gets angry on Mahira. He doesn’t want Karan to come in Mahira’s words. Shrishti feels bad for Preeta. She wishes Preeta isn’t with Mahesh in the ICU. The family finds Preeta with Mahesh. Kareena reprimands Preeta. Preeta wants to know if Karan believes her or not. The same game of believe it or not begins again.

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Rishabh supports Preeta like always. He shows unconditional trust on Preeta. Dadi, Kareena and Ramona blame Preeta for trying to kill Preeta. Preeta denies to hurt him. Sherlyn tells that Preeta has done this to stop Karan and Mahira’s marriage. Rishabh asks Sherlyn to stop her nonsense. Shrishti asks them to not blame Preeta without any proof. Ramona lies that she had seen Preeta pushing Mahesh’s wheelchair. Preeta tells that she wanted to help Mahesh. Karan’s fragile trust on Preeta breaks once again. This shocks Rishabh, Shrishti and Preeta. Sherlyn and Mahira get happy when Karan ends his relation with Preeta once again.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. I was a die hard fan of this serial. But look what it has done to itself. No new story line!! Repeating the same plot so many times and expecting to still be a top notch! Ridiculous.. pls save your serial ?

    • OMG!!! What is happening in the serial? Again the same drama. One more time Karan behaves like a kid, his character is worst in the serial. Even though he is a leading character…

  2. Break up, patch up, break up, patch up…. Kundali Bhagya going round and round. Viewers will loose interest soon it seems.

  3. The only good progress in this dumb idiotic Serial is the increase in the number of Villians from 2— Prithivi and Sherlyn and now to 3—Mahira. Best thing to do is to Kill Mahesh. It is ONLY because of him, they are keeping the story Alive. If he dies then the story also will die, I hope. This will atleast relieve the Viewers and Public of this Crazy, Stupid, Idiotic, Boring and Nonsensical Story. Please STOP this TORTURE. Enough is Enough.

  4. What the heck is this again and again the same thing is happening in this serial.. Dear writer can you change your script please… I’m wondering when sherlyn will exposed everytime she wins over preeta?? and everytime preeta have to face the situation of believing on her or not ??

    • This was the only show for which I used to wait eagerly.. bt now evn my interest has.. writer has to think over it.. I guess evn the actors wud have got fed up with story line… Change the story line before this show turns off….do something…

  5. this serial has nothing but it is serial of keeping blame on innocent instead of guilty person, the show just cannot get on conclusion who is guilty or innocent. it is getting worst and worst day by day. put the end to it blame game on show move in right direction.

  6. Writer has no new ideas ..Being to now only accidents and coma drama and pl.change the actress preta she looks too old and stupid ,her act is very irritating and srushti is noisy whole theme is boring and disgusting. Let it go off air start new show

  7. Im a die hard fan of this serial.. atleast Mahira ko toh nikalo serial se… We only want preeran…varna hm show dekhna chor denge..and then it will go offf air…utter rubbish#live preeran ?♥️

  8. This trend is getting boring and same trend. They need come up with different trend. Always Preeta gets blamed and no one trust her. Mahira and Sherlyn gets escaped. Whoever is the writer. Pls come up with different trend. Think out of box. Not always same trend in all serials in Zee tv.

  9. Bas karo ab firse wahi drama. Ab serial dekhane ka dil hi nahi karata.kitane din preeta ko hi tortured karoge…aaj se serial dekhana means totally waste of time..

  10. Discussting karan and preera KO fir kitni BAAr alag kroge sharlin Ka sach sbke same Lao or Karan or preera KO sath krdo sharlin bhut not or rhi h serial may

  11. Nonsense going oninthis serial. U guys r making fool of viewers. Villians always win n good people lose. Everytime preeta is blamed. Sherlyn n mahira can do ny evil n not get caught but preeta always gets caught up wrongly.
    I m going to stop seeing this serialnow.

  12. Kundali Bhagya is worse than Corona virus It’s better to watch news than watching Preeta crying all the time and Sherilyn’s plan successful all the time

  13. What a stupid;idiotic script.I think the script writer ‘s gone mad.He doesnt hv any story idea.Pls stop this nonsense of always keeping Sherlyn on the safer side.Also why u had to disclose her pregnancy when its not visible frm last 1 year.Is she human or alien?.I think after reading this reviews the director needs to wake up.And also put some sense in Karan luthra.What kind of bigwig these people are when they dont hv brains?Really embarassing daily soaps in India.

  14. What a stupid;idiotic script.I think the script writer ‘s gone mad.He doesnt hv any story idea.Pls stop this nonsense of always keeping Sherlyn on the safer side.Also why u had to disclose her pregnancy when its not visible frm last 1 year.Is she human or alien?.I think after reading this reviews the director needs to wake up.And also put some sense in Karan luthra.What kind of bigwig these people are when they dont hv brains?Really embarassing daily soaps in India.

  15. It’s been more than a year now that Shirlyn us pregnant….all festivals came twice since then….but even her baby bump is not visible ….what kind of human is she?

  16. I like this TV show “KUNDALI BHAGYAY” mr.mahesh is intentionally gone in comma because he want to expose to sherlyn and save his family. So friend it will be sure that mr.mahes is perfectly good health but he is doing it’s all. He want to justice with his family and special for PREETA.

  17. Utter bakwas serial now .we have to stop seeing it , always Sherilyn & Majors the evils wins .I think the writer has traveled around the world and collect evil information what a woman can do to other women and he is doing it on preeta .

  18. Horrible… Please stop this serial… Wastage of time.. This serial conveys that no good people can survive in this world… Only manipulative people can… The channel should stop airing such serials

  19. Faltu serial hai ek number….sabhi log ye drama dekhna band kardo yaar ….time waste….money waste….so faltu serial….?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. It’s high time now prithivi n sherlin should be caught or stop such serial ekta Kapoor innocent people are always caught yyy like preeta

  21. Day by day kundali bhagya is getting worst just showing little bit romance and nonsense about other characters.. I think writer don’t have story…??????plzz stop the show its request to bring something real and good serial instead of kundali bhagya

  22. The writer has lost the plot. Evil seems to triumph over good in all his/her episodes. It’s completely one sided. For once can’t Karan fight for Preeta whom he knows for years instead of believing everyone else. Can’t he think for himself. This serial is going backwards. I am sure the ratings have fallen. Change your thinking or sink

  23. Yarrr bkwass hota ja ra farzi ka natak dikha re bekaar ke re bhara bhara ke usse public jo dekhna chahti pta ni kya dikhana chah re h ap

  24. Is program main sirf bure logo ki aur burai ki jeet hoti hain. Kabhi Sochate hain ki ab bhanda futega lekin feer se bure logoki geet. Muze ye samajz nahi aa raha hain ki program ko title kundali bhagya kyu diya. Isee to burayeeki jeet naam dena chahiye.
    Ye likhate waqat mujhe bahot gussa aa raha hain, abhi tu mujhè isme preeta se jyada sharleen par talented lag rahi hain. Sub pagal ki yatra aur isse dekhane vale bhi pagal lagna lage hain

  25. Utter nonsense is going on in this kundali bhagya serial. Every time Sherlyn, Prithvi n now Mahira keeps playing the pranck n poor Preeta falls in to it. Pls stop showing up the rubbish things we are fade up, writer doesn’t have a good story now, pls stop this serial. Coz according to the writer Sherlyn, Prithvi n Mahira will never get catch hold. Every time same thing is repeated. Pls put all three behind the bars it’s too much now.

  26. Dear writer please stop this nonsense story… if you are not able to do so give a end to the serial… kyuki ab bore ho raha hai dekhne serial aisa lagta hai mai khud tv me ghus k bolu bhai ab toh apna dimag chala… karan ko itna dumb kyu bata rahe ho k kisi bhi problem me usko silent kiya jab preeta jail me thi usko dimag diya punnu baby ka password or ab baap gira toh jo blame kiya usko sawal hi nahi kiya k tune kab dekha.
    Guys if you read this public comment… so pls take the serial to some good track… now end the mahira game from the serial

  27. This story is a merry go round. The same accusations over and over again.
    I use to wait eagerly for 9:30 but it has become a waste of time. Reading the viewers post I noticed everyone is unhappy. The story writer should think of something interesting otherwise this serial will become a big flop

  28. What nonsense in serial ?same thing repeating again and again ? nothing change ?plz something done new ?new story ? Everytime sherlyn win over preeta ?and Everytime preeta face problem ??plz plz do some changes in story ??i feel so boring ?????????

  29. Please enough of this drama of break up and coming back together of Karan and preeta, plslet the story go further and make us fans of kundali bhagya happy otherwise we will loose interest in watching this serial. First time yesterday I felt that I should stop watching this serial ?

  30. Are yar ap logo ko koi dusre kahani nahi mil rahi hai kya. Kya deka rahe ho yar app hi batao sherlyn kitane dino se maa bane vali hai abi tak uska pet hi nahi dek raha hai.. Bahut boorrr bana rahe ho aao log ise uski sachai sam ne laooo aur karan ko kuch aklavan banao dusreki bate bahut manta hai ghada dikata hai ooo koi ek bol diya uski bat manta hai plz kuch acha dikao nahi to stop karo dekana

  31. Horrible story line…repetitive…there is no charm left in this stupid story…better to end it before it is out of trp race…

  32. Loved, this serial. But now don’t feel like watching it. It’s always evil winning over good. Why don’t the producers understand that viewers are interested in seeing Good and positive things happening and not this shit. Plz expose sherlyn, mahira and prithvi. Also what about sherlyn’s pregnancy ??? Why don’t you let live good people happily?

  33. This is the worst I have seen so far what kind of nonsense is this…. always the same thing over and over again… there is nothing like begusaria it’s the only film I’ve watched that they didn’t do ulter nonsense….I hate Karan and preeta especially preeta she’s so unless,She can’t even defend herself….I always end up having migraine after watching that stupid film mtcheeewwee.


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