Zee5 Kumkum Kundali immortal duo Raabta twists

Zee5 Kumkum Kundali immortal duo Raabta twists

Zee5 Kumkum Kundali immortal duo Raabta twists Malhar and Kalyani have an emotional moment. She wants to bring the baby in the world at any cost. She tells him that she will not let anything happen to Moksh. Malhar is forced to sign on the papers. Malhar learns about a donor found for Moksh. He wants to know about the donor. He asks the doctor about the donor, so that he can convince the donor and then save Kalyani. Malhar goes to meet the boxer for his purpose.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya shares her pain with Sarita. She misses Kiara. She tells Sarita about Kiara. She cries and tells that Kiara was her life. She never imagined that they will have to live without Kiara. Abhi also shares his sorrow with Meera. Abhi and Pragya miss Kiara on Holi, knowing she loved to celebrate holi. They miss Kiara and cry for her loss. They think if their decision to part ways was right. Sarita consoles Pragya, while Meera gets happy to spend time with Abhi. Meera pacifies Abhi, who cries for Pragya and his other daughter.

Kundali Bhagya:

Preeta and Aroras get the news of Karan and Mahira’s wedding. Preeta tells Sarla that she isn’t hurt, she isn’t in any pain, she doesn’t care if Karan is getting married. She tells that Karan should better move on, she won’t care if he marries Mahira. She is hurt that he didn’t believe her.

Kareena tells Karan that the family wants to keep his marriage with Mahira at the earliest. She asks him if he will protect them from Preeta’s conspiracies. She asks him to say it that he will be marrying Mahira and failing Preeta. She wants Karan to break his silence. Karan is confused, while Rishabh prays that Karan refuses. Karan shocks Rishabh by agreeing for the marriage. Mahira gets happy to marry Karan. Sherlyn congratulates her. Sherlyn informs Preeta about the wedding to just insult her. Preeta tells that she doesn’t love Karan and won’t react on knowing his wedding news. Is Karan up to some plan to expose Sherlyn and Mahira for their crime? Will he keep Preeta’s belief on their love this time? Keep reading.

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  1. Kundali serial show that bad people’s are good and good people are bad is it really happened in your family?? No no please stop this kinda hatred games even if this is serial.. nothing really gain good and happy from this serial…

  2. Waste of time,,,,I think u don’t have better story base so u always repeat same,,,,senses like all episodes are same,,,,

  3. We all know its jst plot nt a reality but u people have a power to change a thought of people so don’t prolong negativity, win for a longer time mk it short so that public start believing positive, every one in kundali bhagya team is doing gd keep growing.


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