YRKKH Kaira disturbing revelation Upcoming twists

Kaira disturbing revelation Upcoming twists
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YRKKH Kaira disturbing revelation Upcoming twists Rama is much worried for Gayu and Vansh. She tells Naira about Vansh being claimed by Vivaan’s parents. She tells her that she has called her since she trusts her a lot. She asks Naira to find some solution and talk to Gayu in this regard, since she has already spoken to Vivaan’s parents and failed to convince them.

She tells Naira that since Gayu and Samarth are getting their own child, Vivaan’s parents want their heir Vansh back. She knows that Gayu will be shattered to part ways with her son Vansh, but things aren’t going smooth, Vivaan’s dad is critical and made his wish to get Vansh. Naira is disturbed thinking its wrong to snatch a child from a mother.

Meanwhile, Samarth and Gayu get into an argument due to a misunderstanding. She misunderstands Samarth when he cares for Vansh. He tries out that he doesn’t want Vansh to have sweets since he has cavities in his teeth. He tells that he isn’t bothering Vansh about his weight. He feels Gayu isn’t ready to understand him ever. He tells her that he isn’t Vansh’s enemy, he loves Vansh too. Manish and Suwarna inform Kartik that they are going to gift a farmhouse to Naira on Gangaur. Kartik asks them to go ahead, since the idea is really good. Naira looks disturbed to Kartik. He questions her about the sudden leaving.

She tells him that Rama had called her for a meeting to discuss a major problem. She tells that Vivaan’s parents want Vansh, their heir, since Gayu is giving a child to Samarth now. She tells that its wrong that they snatch Vansh from Gayu. She feels sorry for Gayu. She tells Kartik that she is losing courage to tell this to Gayu, Vivaan’s parents can come anytime to take Vansh. Kartik asks her not to tell anyone about it, they will handle the matter, Vansh is part of their family and won’t go anywhere.

Samarth overhears them. He tells them that he will decide about sharing the matter with Gayu, she has a right to decide for Vansh. He assures that he will handle Vansh’s matter well, and wants them to just trust him. He apologizes for his past mistakes. Dadi gets delighted to get a birthday gift from her sister. She thinks she had forgotten her birthday because of the family matters. She wants to celebrate her birthday with Kairav. She is much happy. She thinks if the family members remember her birthday or not. The family remembers her birthday and plans to celebrate Dadi’s birthday in a special way.

Manish and Kairav get into a cute argument. Manish wants to get the birthday cake of his choice. Kairav wants things to be of his choice, since he is celebrating Dadi’s birthday for the first time. Manish tels that Kairav doesn’t know Dadi’s choice. Kairav doesn’t want Manish to steal this chance. Kartik and Naira calm them down and decide to throw a surprise party for Dadi.

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Naira tells the family that they will make the arrangements by hiding from Dadi, they will not let Dadi know anything and then surprise her by a grand party. She tells her plan for the entire day. She asks them to pretend to be following their normal routine so that Dadi doesn’t guess their surprise. The family agrees with Naira’s planning and goes ahead with their preparations.

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