Kundali Rishabh reasons out Ishq Super Twists

Kundali Rishabh reasons out Ishq Super Twists

Kundali Rishabh reasons out Ishq Super Twists Sarla deeply regrets the fact that Preeta got cheated by Karan again and again. She feels she doesn’t deserve this from Karan. She doesn’t want Preeta to cry further for the worthless Luthras. She wants Preeta to move on. Preeta promises that she will move on this time. On the other hand, Rishabh is much hurt by Karan’s decision to marry Mahira.

He asks Karan to reason out things and evaluate if Preeta can be wrong. He tells Karan that if Preeta really pushed Mahesh, then she would have not shouted to call them for help. He feels Preeta is innocent and again framed by Sherlyn and Mahira.

Karan tells Rishabh that maybe everyone reached there before Preeta got the time to run away. Rishabh asks him not to come up with such mad thoughts. He tells her that he can’t believe that Preeta can do such a thing with anyone in the world, she can never harm Mahesh or any person around. He tells Karan that he will guarantee about Preeta’s genuine nature. Rakhi finds Ramona worried for something. Ramona tells Rakhi that Mahira isn’t in the house. She tells that she isn’t even answering her calls. Rakhi and Sherlyn worry on knowing that Mahira is missing. Is this Sherlyn’s new plan against Preeta? Keep reading.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara and Kabeer meet Shahrukh for the alliance. Kabeer wants Zara to get married to Shahrukh. Zara wishes that Kabeer realizes her feelings and accepts her. She tells him that she isn’t refusing to marry Shahrukh, she is ready for the alliance, if the family has chosen Shahrukh for her. She tells that if they are satisfied that the alliance is best for her, then she will go ahead, but she has a condition for it. She tells them that they have to accept her condition and even Shahrukh should give his nod. Kabeer wants to know what is Zara planning now.

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  1. Both the serials r proving hopeless. Don’t have a proper track. Satya always comes out. Is proven totally wrong. Conspiracy always wins is highlighted. Stop showing all these. Let’s put a clean picture in front of people that though dirty politics is played but it does not go longer. Like Chhoti Sardarni of voot. Feel like watching.


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