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YRKKH Today Kaira Surprise Upcoming Starplus Goenkas are scared on hearing the news of Coronavirus spreading in the city. Even Bhabhimaa is scared to die by becoming the victim of the deadly flu. She tells Devyaani that she is worried for her life, since she wants to see Krish once before dying. She loses her positivity. She tells that she is getting Coronavirus news every day. Devyaani asks her to maintain good hygiene and not have any fear of the virus.

She tells that they can protect themselves and also others if they take the right precautions. She cries that Naksh, Kirti and Krish aren’t able to come home. Devyaani tells that everyone is at risk, irrespective of age. Bhabhimaa isn’t hopeful to get saved from the virus. On the other hand, Kartik wants to know why is the detective not giving the information soon. He asks him to find out the details soon. He wants the investigations to go ahead.

Kartik gets confronted by Naira. He lies to her that he has hired the detective to find out about the business client, since its a normal routine to check about the client before making any big deal. Naira believes him and the valid reason. On the other hand, Kairav and Vansh make excuses to go to the school so that they can enjoy their family time with the family. Goenkas plan a small and cozy birthday party for Dadi. Goenkas create an awareness initiative to deal with the Coronavirus. The family members show the precautions to be taken.

Later, Samarth and Gayu have a sweet hug and share a moment, when Samarth shows much affection towards Vansh. Gayu is glad to see Vansh getting much affection in the family. She wants equal rights for Vansh and her coming child. Dadi enjoys her birthday party. She sings, dances and enjoys with the family. She is thankful to Kartik and Naira, who always surprise the family by their wonderful support.

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Goenkas think the party isn’t a lavish one just because they are following the government orders. Dadi tells that she didn’t want a grand party, she is happy to celebrate the birthday with Kairav this year. She asks her family not to go out of the homes and stay indoors. Kartik gets delighted to get information about his daughter from the detective. He starts imagining his daughter Kaira.

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