Kundali Preeta stops Karan marriage Raabta twists

Kundali Preeta stops Karan marriage Raabta twists

Kundali Preeta stops Karan marriage Raabta twists Mahira’s confession shocks and makes Preeta emotional. Preeta asks Mahira how she can push Mahesh and asks if her hands didn’t shake and says he is like your father. Mahira says no. She says she is very happy to see her in shock, which she can’t even explain.

Mahira says she has a team to help her, Sherlyn helped her. She says this is just trailer, if she tells the entire film then she will get more shocked. She says when she comes to the stairs, Mahesh’s wheel chair was stuck there and he was looking at her with hope to save him.

She says I held his hand and pushed him down the stairs. She says she became death for him and it is secret in that house. She tells Shrishti that she is getting married to Karan tonight. She adds saying Preeta, your husband’s marriage is with me. Preeta and Shrishti get shocked. Before the wedding, Kareena tells her family members that Preeta Arora shall not come to this house here. She says Preeta comes to every function and spoils it. She says this marriage will happen eventually. Preeta decides not to let Karan marry a criminal Mahira and comes to her wedding with Karan. She stops the marriage once again.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Sarthak is making Anupriya lose her memory by giving her wrong medicines to separate her from Kalyani. He holds Kalyani responsible for Riddhi’s exit from his life. Riddhi was taken away by the orphanage authorities as his wife Anupriya had got jailed and they assumed his step daughter Kalyani to be pregnant with illegitimate child. They didn’t want Riddhi to be taken care in such family so that she doesn’t get any bad effect on her upbringing.

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Sarthak is angry at Kalyani and also on Malhar, for holding his collar and telling him that there is nobody important to him rather than Kalyani and stopping her abortion. He takes out grudge against Malhar and Kalyani and distanced Anupriya from them. Kalyani and Malhar don’t know about Sarthak’s real intentions. Anupriya gets doubtful about Sarthak’s intentions and asks Swara to enquire about the medicine. Swara enquires with Doctor about the medicines. Anupriya feels connected with Kalyani. Sarthak thinks to increase her dose to stop her from thinking about Kalyani.


  1. It is clear that kaka is giving Anupriya something to forget kaliyani. Ahh the CVs are slowly destroying their role. This is not how he will get and will have the deep love of Anupriya .. So disappointed .. I’m tired of saying that I am disappointed .. Anyway. We tarnish his role a little more each day .. He should be angry as a lawyer he did not try anything to do legally to release his wife but rather wanted to cheat justice and his black blouse .. Frankly tired of seeing kaliyani be a mother .. Already the number of times she has been married..now she is a mother of pillu but also Trilok thinks for his daughter and that kaliyani would be a good remedy .. Shit .. That I’m drunk to see this whole story that no longer has any meaning .. Where is kaliyani’s love .. To believe that she never loved malhar .. I realize that their love is weird and doesn’t has no meaning .. It is only malhar who has a feeling .. In the end Arthava knew how to undo the link of kalma .. Now kaliyani does not stop saying that they have no link together. Stupid girl .. We are destroying her role .. It has lost its charm .. And to say it in front of Trilok is the worst thing kaliyani can do .. Because she weakens malhar she makes him helpless and stupid .. To believe that he likes to beg to have kaliyani .. Stop dude away for a little kaliyani .. .. In short disgusted disappointed no words .. In this war against Covid19 which is wreaking havoc all over the world but when we see that it is necessary Begging for an adult to come to the aid of a 1 year old child is just unacceptable. This is not the best image and a beautiful message that the series sends. Especially in this period of big crisis where a lot of people and families suffer because no effective treatment or vaccine comes to term for this damn virus. The only remedy that counts is the proper role of humans …. In short

  2. It’s easy to incite swara to want to punish kaliyani .. But there the Rane family forgets what arthava did to harm the whole family. At one point you have to have your whole mind and stop wanting to be evil everywhere the person concerned is himself a bad person .. And concerning romance. ‘stop the CVs take us for a fool .. ZEE.TV umble request .. Do not ask now and do not show at the present time that begging to save a life. Because with this damn Covid 19 that poisons the entire planet and for which we do not find an effective solution. Just that we human we must respect the protocols of containment until a miracle solution arrives and sends us a little light. ‘but please don’t show us that to save a life Especially that of a small child .. We need a give and take … No begging for mercy. Because this is not what we fans want the series to convey as a message for organ donation or whatever that could one day save lives .. Umble please ask .. Do not show this kind of thing

  3. The fans pick up the show .. We are losing our footing .. It no longer makes sense what you are showing. You will lose a good number of fans if you continue like this .. Certainly we want to kalma .. But it must be said that kalma never really existed .. Because they never had the right to a little happiness .. Because with each problem solved another occurs .. Frankly I no longer enjoy watching. From this track of Rachit and IVF nothing is going right anymore. In addition, history must at least keep and show a semblance in reality and fiction. And sometimes it lacks reality in your fiction because certain things say but this is not necessarily true …. bring kalma together and they face the problem together .. Because separate is the destruction of the series will be done .. The fans are unhappy .. Worse show you this absurd side of kaka .. For whom malhar had a very big problem .. But even now knowing finally the truth about kaliyani and kaka pregnancy acts the same .. Stop stop manipulating his role as well .. He says love Anupriya but see what he did .. My respect for his role is no longer. Since he decided to protect his family from Anupriya. It’s no longer the same affection I have for kaka

  4. Please this is very important about the serial kundali bagkya it’s very very boring and only nonsense is there any sense at all in this serial I don’t know how the chennal is accepting the big foolishness of this serial make it some sensible way really the director is very big idiot and nothing in her head such a fool she is

    • Kundali bhagy very boring and Har bar unko Pritta hi najar mai aati hai ? Esha karo Pritta ko Mar kar Serial pura kar do And Voh Ram kapur ki Bade ache lagte hai vo chalu kar do. ..!

  5. Pagal karke rakha h kundali bhagye ne jab se start hoa h tab se ek hi story chal rahi hai wo bhi salin ki kuch to alag karo yaar kab tak isiko dhikaoge

  6. Totally agree with the comments made regarding Kundali Bhagya. The story goes round and round the fish pond. Surely the writers and producers can come up with something to get the show back on track.


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