Yeh Rishta Amazed Kartik Dadi Birthday bash upcoming

Yeh Rishta Amazed Kartik Dadi Birthday bash upcoming

Yeh Rishta Amazed Kartik Dadi Birthday bash upcoming Kartik and Naira enjoy working hard for Dadi’s birthday party by following the kids’ advice that they should find a solution to the problem. They realize that every problem has a solution, only needed to be found. Naira tells Kartik that Manish has agreed to bake the cake for Dadi with the limited resources.

They have to make sure that they maintain the hygiene and not let anything scare the family in the happy moment. Kartik finds her right. He awaits the detective’s call. He wants to know about his daughter as soon as possible. The ongoing virus outbreak causes much troubles for the family. Kartik thinks to visit his daughter soon after getting the confirmed information about her.

He wants to know who is raising her and where is she right now. He keeps the investigation a secret from Naira. Naira tells Kartik that they shall maintain some distance and not romance until the virus news stop bothering them. She tells that they will find life’s beauty in small things, they can spend the time with the family and finish their pending work, since the virus news have locked them at home. Kartik tells her that he wants more of her time. Kartik wants to romance her. Cute Kaira moments are seen.

Meanwhile, Samarth wants to relieve his tensions about Gayu’s pregnancy. He wants her to be careful during interactions with anyone from outside. He is much stressed for his coming baby. He speaks to Gayu’s gynac. Gayu tells him that she is equally concerned for her baby. She tells that she just wants to be sure about her family, who is all alone without Naksh. Samarth promises to support Singhanias. He tells that he will meet Singhanias and offer them help. Kartik and Naira advice the family to not order a lot and snatch opportunities of living from others.

He doesn’t want the family to overstock and trouble others. The family realizes the precautionary measures to be taken to deal with the virus outbreak. Kartik asks them not to be selfish. He tells them that they have to value others’ needs as well. Samarth meets Singhanias and tries to shoulder support. Samarth tells them that Kartik and he are still there to help in Naksh’s absence. Bhabhimaa is afraid that she will die before Naksh gets Kirti and Krish home. Samarth relieves her tensions.

Goenkas team up and put efforts in throwing the best party for Dadi’s birthday. The family covers up the surprise from Dadi. They wait for Kartik and Naira to bring the final surprise. Kairav and Vansh keep Dadi occupied. Singhanias pass the social message to stay positive, strong and helpful towards each other. Devyaani tells Bhabhimaa that they have to nurture only the positive thoughts. Kartik and Naira get fortunate enough to get another romantic moment in the tensed situation. They try to stay tension free for a while.

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