YRKKH Kasautii Top Four twists Starplus to stop air soon

YRKKH Kasautii Top Four twists Starplus to stop air soon

YRKKH Kasautii Top Four twists Starplus to stop airing YRKKH Kasautii Yeh Rishtey Pyaar Ke and hit shows due to the Covid-19 situation. Upcoming in Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke Meenakshi calls Mishti to know about the resort stay. She uses Ketki for the purpose. Abir and Mishti’s moment breaks when Kuhu blames Mishti for informing Mishti about their location. Kuhu sharps some shocking accusations at Mishti, leaving Abir in a fix. Abir can’t see his wife getting humiliated and puts a break to Kuhu’s childish behavior.

Kuhu doesn’t limit herself and goes on to blame Mishti. Kunal goes hyper and decides to leave for home on Meenakshi’s summon. Abir keeps his promise towards the family first and leaves Mishti alone to go with Kunal. He doesn’t want Mishti to keep trying to prove herself right, just like Meenakshi does, by not caring for other’s happiness. He compares Mishti with Meenakshi, and hurts Mishti’s heart.

Kasautii Zindaggi Kay:
The officer informs Anurag about Prerna’s permissions approved. He asks Anurag to remember Komolika’s anger, who won’t be taking Prerna’s success well. Komolika learns about Prerna’s land permissions and acquisition news. Komolika rethinks about getting Prerna killed. The same drama of Prerna facing dangers will be repeated in the coming track. Anurag will again secretly protect Prerna from Komolika’s plans. He feels capable of handling his wife’s madness.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:
Ahana and Mishka make a plan to use Yuvraj for their benefits. Ahana employs Yuvraj. She calls him as a client and gives him a good offer. Yuvraj falls for money and accepts the offer. She asks him to meet her. Prisha invites her parents for the Holi party at Khurana mansion. She wishes to meet them soon, unaware of the problem they are facing because of Yuvraj. Prisha tells about Saransh and Rudraksh’s bonding. Vasu wants Prisha to be fine. She agrees to meet Prisha. Yuvraj rushes to meet Ahana, unaware of her discrete identity.

Beyhadh Maya new find Vikram exposed upcoming

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik and Naira celebrate Dadi’s birthday by arranging a beautiful surprise at home. They try to arrange the best of their resources to please Dadi. Dadi tells them that their emotions and intentions behind the surprise matters more than the arrangements. Dadi enjoys her birthday with her family. She likes the positive atmosphere. Kartik will be learning about his daughter, which will be the biggest twist in the story. Kartik will find Kaira and mark a start of new phase.


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