IPKKND Starplus Superhit Classic Arnav Khushi revisited

IPKKND Starplus Superhit Classic Arnav Khushi revisited

IPKKND Starplus Superhit Classic Arnav Khushi revisited Khushi Kumari Gupta is worried for her sister’s wedding. She learns the dowry items demanded by Payal’s fiance’s parents. She thinks of meeting Payal’s fiance and stopping him from the dowry demand. She pacifies Payal, who is tensed that her marriage will break. The wedding arrangements are under way.

The family celebrates the pre-wedding functions, while Payal’s dad Shashi wants to see her smiling face. Shashi dances with the ladies to bring a smile on Payal’s face. He just wants his daughters to be future secured. Khushi doesn’t know how her family will handle the big demand of 20 lakhs. She hopes that Payal’s fiance is a righteous person as she is assuming. She rides the scooter and goes to meet the groom. Shashi is burdened by the dowry demands.

He wonders if he is getting Payal married in the right household, where people are just valuing relations with money. He doesn’t know about Khushi. Khushi gets into a hilarious moment on the way to meet the groom. Then happens the entry of the super rich Arnav Singh Raizada, who flies to his new home. The media questions him about his old ties with the city, his new home and past. They ask him when will he get married. Arnav recalls that his mum was killed in the same house. His past aches his heart. He just has his sister Anjali in his life.

Arnav makes everyone speechless when he talks. Khushi informs Payal that she will be coming home in some time, but after explaining her point to the groom. She asks Payal not to get married to the person who values money than her. Arnav expresses his principles. He tells that just money matters to him. Arnav organizes a fashion show in his newly bought palace. He answers the media that he has chosen Lucknow for the fashion show. He doesn’t want to answer anything personal. He buys the palace just for his sister Anjali.

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She wants him to move on from his past. Arnav doesn’t think he is stuck in his past. He tells her that he has changed even the time for himself. Payal and her parents are worried if Abhishek’s baraat will come or not. Payal doesn’t know if Khushi met Abhishek. Khushi reaches the palace to meet Abhishek and gets on the ramp. Khushi and Arnav’s first meet happens when she freezes on the ramp. She lands into Arnav’s arms after falling down the ramp. She faces Arnav’s wrath, who throws tons of attitude to punish her for the mistake.

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  1. Excellent serial with a stunning couple with great chemistry worth watching endlessly. I have watched for the 30times still watching

  2. I don’t mind watching Ipkknd again and again
    Arnav and Khushi has stolen our hearts. They will never be forgotten..they are the most gorgeous romantic couple, most loved, unbeatable sizzling chemistry, intoxicating love story that will never be replaced .

  3. Hi please telecast this whole serial rabba version again due to Corona virus lockdown.This is most popular show amongst people and everyone wants to see it again ,please repeat this show again rather than repeating any other show.Everyone wants to see rabba very again.Repeat this show on star plus

    • Hi all, We are just attempting to keep the website on with freshly created content by revisiting some classic shows like IPKKND, Saraswatichandra, Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani among others. The channel may also consider to re-run these shows.

  4. Wooh…can never get tired of watching IPKKND..best serial with a different storyline..should be telecast again but not edited…

  5. First &foremost I would like to thank the entire team of producers, story writer,dialouge writer &directors for the enormous success of ISPKKND from the bottom of my heart.I loved it more because it was DIFFERENT in its presentation. Every actors playing their role was so natural. Barun &Sanaya were so natural! I loved Naniji &Buaji too. Even Lavanya… The romance was subtle not vulgar so any romantic viewer like me enjoyed immensely .We are gratefully waiting for the same crew& cast to
    present us another long season of IPKKND very soon this year.My best wishes to the entire team. God bless.

  6. I really enjoyed watching Duele Amar,I also love the love /hate relationship between Arnav and Khushi,the music,the dancing,the funny scene were wonderful. The best series ,loved it


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