Colors Vidya Vivek Upcoming Medical Scam battle

Colors Vidya Vivek Upcoming Medical Scam battle

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Colors Vidya Vivek Upcoming Medical Scam battle Vidya and Vivek’s life takes a big flight in the form of Vidya’s success in her exams. Vivek was much sure that she will be performing well in all her exams and fulfill the promise to his mum. Vidya tells Vivek that she will be giving more of the exams and attain the qualification that enables her to take the status of his wife soon. She wants to get her rights of Vivek’s mum only when his mum permits him.

She yearns for Vivek’s love. Vivek too wants to see Vidya in his wife’s avatar. They both are troubled by his mum’s huge expectations. Nevertheless, they are confident that they will surpass the problems with high spirits. Vivek’s mum learns that Vidya has given all her exams despite her numerous attempts to stop Vidya. She doesn’t lose in her evil plans.

She continues to haunt Vidya and separate her from Vivek. Vivek and Vidya share a moment of Mangalsutra bonding them. They wait for the day when Vidya clears all her exams and gets the real degree certificate, so that Vivek’s mum heartily accepts her. Vivek and Vidya head for their village Devgarh again. They come across a little girl who needs their help and protection. The girl is being chased by some goons, who want to kill her since she has known their secret. The goons are involved in the pharmaceutical company scam. They sell out the expired medicines to the people when the country is already dealing with the virus threats.

Vivek and Vidya learn about the huge racket and want to stop it so that they save many lives. They promise the girl that they will get the evil doers punished for the crime. Soon, Vivek and Vidya get kidnapped by the goons’ chief, who threatens to kill them if they don’t seal up the truth known to them. Vivek doesn’t deter by any threatening. He learns about the entire scam. He tells the evil chief that he will expose him and throw him behind bars. He reveals that he is Azamgarh’s DM, Vivek Vardhan Singh, holding much authority to punish the criminals. Vivek and Vidya’s lives get threatened while they mess up with the criminals. Will they succeed over the posed threatening? Keep reading.

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