Kahaan Hum Popular Clip Starplus Ronakshi Wedding

Kahaan Hum Popular Clip Starplus Ronakshi Wedding

Kahaan Hum Popular Clip Starplus Ronakshi Wedding After Mahesh’s painful torture, Sonakshi returns to Rohit to marry him. She reaches the mandap in time, after Pooja exposes Raima’s intentions to marry Rohit. Rohit and Sonakshi’s dramatic wedding goes well. They make a memory of lifetime.

Rohit fulfills his duty as a brother-in-law and gives the money to Pari for getting his shoes back. He doesn’t want any ritual to be left incomplete. Sippys feel proud to make Sonakshi part of their family. Sonakshi gets emotional on her bidaai while taking a leave from her family. Suman wants Veena to look after Sonakshi as her daughter. Veena promises so since she loves Sonakshi and is proud of Rohit’s choice.

Suman and Veena shower motherly love on Sonakshi. Rohit and Sonakshi’s beautiful wedding moments makes one of the best episode. Rohit promises Suman that he will always support Sonakshi and stand by her under any circumstances. Sonakshi’s bidaai not only makes her family cry, but also her in-laws. Rohit proves out to be the best husband for Sonakshi by his sweet gestures in his wife’s Bidaai. Suman feels weakened to part away her life’s biggest strength, her eldest daughter Sonakshi.

With a heavy heart and many blessings, she bids a farewell to Sonakshi. Sippys take Sonakshi home. Rohit and Sonakshi begin their life’s beautiful phase. The show was much famous on online platform hotstar. Surely, the die-hard fans of the show would remember this particular episode of Ronakshi’s super duper wedding.

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