Beyhadh Nandini dies Maya turns ferociously dark

Beyhadh Nandini dies Maya turns ferociously dark

Beyhadh Nandini dies Maya turned ferociously dark Vikram tells Maya that he truly loves her. She asks him to prove his love then. He tells her that he can’t let her go outside. He apologizes to her. She tells him that she will not go, but he has to free Rajeev. He tells her that he will not let her worry for anything.

Vikram scares Nandini. While he takes Rajeev out, Nandini tries to get free. Rudra feels Maya is inside her house. He gets back to her house again. Aamir tells Rudra that Maya is much smarter, she will not take the risk by being at her house. Maya writes a note to get help. She throws it down from her balcony. Rudra gets the note in time, but misses to see Maya. Aamir tells that maybe its a kid’s play.

Rudra tells Aamir that Maya maybe asking for help. Aamir tells that Maya isn’t such helpless to ask for someone’s help. Rudra gets convinced that its some kid’s mischief, when he finds the kids playing there. Maya throws another note, but in vain. Rudra leaves from there with Aamir. Maya smartly unlocks herself and reaches Nandini again. She wants to take Nandini outside to secure her life. Nandini tells Maya that her leg is badly hurt, she won’t be able to walk. She wants Maya to save herself some way. Maya hides from Vikram when he returns. He asks Nandini not to try to escape.

He tells that Maya has understood to trust his love. He threatens Nandini. Nandini warns him to stop him from reaching Maya. She gets the knife and threatens of committing suicide. She doesn’t want Maya to get compelled because of her. Maya cries for Nandini. She gets helpless to hide from Vikram. Nandini doesn’t want Maya to bow down to Vikram to save her life. She cuts her wrist to end her life. Vikram watches her suicide and falls helpless. He didn’t wish Nandini to commit suicide, since he was using her in his plans to pressurize Maya. Maya gets the bitter memories of Mrityunjay back.

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She regains her memories when she finds Nandini taking her last breath. Vikram wants to dump Nandini’s body. Maya recalls Mrityunjay, Rishi and Rudra. Her memories get back. She recalls her entire life in the most traumatic moment of her life. She gets back into her fierce avatar of deadly Maya. Will she fight Vikram to get back to her love Rudra? Keep reading.

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