Beyhadh Sony Maya poisons Vikram MJ speeds chase

Beyhadh Sony Maya poisons Vikram MJ speeds chase

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Beyhadh Sony Maya poisons Vikram MJ speeds chase Maya cries on her mother’s death. She never imagined Nandini will leave her forever. She gets her memories back due to the shocking trauma. She breaks down. She can’t tolerate the pain of Nandini’s death. She returns to her old avatar of fierce and cunning Maya. She makes a plan to trick Vikram.

She now knows her enemies and also a way to defend herself. Vikram doesn’t doubt on Maya. She recalls her shady past with Mrityunjay. She also gets her memories of Rishi and Rudra. She didn’t wish Vikram to compel her back in his life. She regrets to cheat Vikram, who have her a new identity of Maya Jaisingh. She still didn’t expect Vikram to kill Rajeev and Nandini. She feels sorry to Rudra.

On the other hand, Rudra learns that Maya is hiding in her own house and calling for help. Mrityunjay asks him not to run after little evidences, else Maya may mislead them once again. He tells that Maya is very smart and can trick them to enter some trap. Rudra agrees with him. Later, Maya vents out her anger on Vikram for locking her up. He gets relieved that she didn’t see Nandini’s death. Maya tells Vikram that there can be no love without faith. She seeks solace in his company. She asks him to treat her well, if he wants her love. Vikram falls in the trap of her fake tears.

She plans to teach him a lesson. She tells that she wants a normal life with him like normal couples do. She promises to accept him. Vikram gets on cloud nine on seeing her behaving normal. He lies to her about Nandini. She tells that she will make a special dessert for him. He is thankful to her. The handwriting expert tells Rudra that the handwriting doesn’t match with Maya’s. Rudra gets worried to find Maya. Mrityunjay enjoys to see Rudra’s hatred for Maya. He wants Rudra to have patience. He makes the handwriting expert lie to Rudra, knowing the handwriting is of Maya. He tells that he has lost a son and doesn’t want to lose another.

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He doesn’t want to lose Rudra in his battle with Maya. He decides to visit Maya at her house. Maya makes the apple pie while making a plan to get rid of Vikram. Mrityunjay visits Maya’s house. He meets Vikram. Maya hides from him. She hates him for putting her into this new mess. Vikram acts to please Mrityunjay. Vikram tells him that he has bought Maya’s house. Mrityunjay doesn’t get convinced by Vikram and suspects that Maya is hiding there. Later, Maya poisons Vikram to kill him. Will Vikram really consume the poison and die, or act to take the game ahead with Maya? How will Mrityunjay reach Maya, hindered by Vikram? Keep reading.

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  1. Ansh Sharma Avatar
    Ansh Sharma

    My favourite show!!!?

  2. J. S. Saini Avatar
    J. S. Saini

    The Best TV show from the present lot. Excellent performance by MAYA Aka Jannifer Winget followed by Shivin Narang.

  3. Laxmi prajapati Avatar
    Laxmi prajapati

    It’s my favourite show

  4. Salik&Shumi Avatar

    It’s our favourite show as well Birmingham to Bangladesh lol

  5. Faleke iyanuoluwa Esther Avatar
    Faleke iyanuoluwa Esther

    Ooooh my God ???????maya you are amazing??

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