IPKKND Arnav marries Khushi Starplus Best show

IPKKND Arnav marries Khushi Starplus Best show

IPKKND Arnav marries Khushi Starplus Best show Arnav makes Khushi accept him as her husband by expressing his love. Arnav realizes his love for selfless Khushi. They have an unconditional love between them. She was scared to lose him, and turns much relieved when he returns home on the dark stormy night. Khushi accepts him as her rude ASR.

She gets a lovely surprise from him, after he creates the perfect moment for their true love celebration. He frees her from all the fears that arose in her mind for a moment. She can’t believe to see his romantic side. Arnav and Khushi’s I love you moment soon happens. He wants her to remember that she has accepted him as her husband on her conditions. She tells him that she wants to marry him once again with all the rituals.

Arnav marries Khushi with the blessings of his family. Both the families get too happy for their union. Arnav finally finds love in Khushi. He was so willing to fall in love with her, that it ultimately happens. Anjali happily welcomes Khushi into the family. Arnav turns into a sweet lover boy from the arrogant personality.

Arnav’s humble side comes as a big surprise for Khushi. They repeat the marriage, since they didn’t take the wedding rounds before. They marry with their willingness and mutual consent. They prove that their true love has conquered.

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Starplus Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum

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  1. Don’t give telly reviews it is not interesting instead start this show .This show is very popular.Repeat this show on starplus


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