IPKKND Ek Baar Phir Starplus Shlok Astha Love beginning

IPKKND Ek Baar Phir Starplus Shlok Astha Love beginning

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IPKKND Ek Baar Phir Starplus Shlok Astha Love beginning The very first episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir for its fans is here. Shlok is seen troubled by the bitter memories of his lover. He runs to the river to fight with his inner conflicts. He races with time and reaches the place before the sun. He challenges the sun, that it can never win over him.

Meanwhile, Astha comes for the puja. Her ringtone disturbs one and all during the prayers. She apologizes to the matron, who doesn’t want to permit her for the picnic trip. Astha doesn’t lose and tries to convince the matron for allowing the elderly women to have some happiness. Matron permits Astha to take the elderly women. Shlok is also heading to the same place. He doesn’t want to tolerate any excuses in work. He doesn’t have any faith in women.

He feels every evil starts with women. He goes to the college to handle the matter, being a trustee. He gets angered on the girl instead the evil guys, and suspends her, when she tells that she is innocent. He wants him to forgive her at least for the sake of his mother Anjali. She hurts his weak nerve. He rages and rusticates the girl. Kalindi confronts Asha for lying to the matron. Asha tells her that her intentions are right. Astha prepares for the picnic trip. Shlok clears out that he won’t tolerate wrong.

He attends his dad Niranjan’s call. He happens to speak to his mum Anjali and shows his hatred towards her. Shlok and Astha reach the same concert. Shlok keeps the passes for the foreign delegates. Astha also tries to get the tickets for the group. The attendant gets mistaken that Astha is the girl with the delegates. He hands over the passes to her. She feels lucky to get the passes. She wants to tell about the misunderstanding, but soon thinks that its fate given them a chance to watch the concert.

Shlok rages on knowing that the delegates haven’t received the passes. The attendant lies to Shlok about Astha getting the passes by lying to him. He doesn’t want to upset the delegates. He waits until the concert gets over. He tells them that he is going to open a university on his dad’s name. He lectures Astha for her lie. He doesn’t like liars. He gets her image of a liar. He wants Astha to take the elderly women and leave from the concert. Astha understands that he wants to oust them. She sends away the women and goes to apologize to Shlok. He rages at her for her lies, that she is his close relative.

He asks her to define their relation, if she could lie to get the passes. She tells him that she doesn’t know him, she failed to tell the truth just to celebrate Suman’s birthday by gifting some happiness. He tells that he has undergone a huge loss of crores. He wants her not to lie again that she is his wife or his lover. She finds him an ill-mannered person. He tells that he knows well about women, who are inferior to men.

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They have a clash of opinions. He tells her that she was caught and had to apologize. He hates her for the greedy lies. She finds him a devil and gives him the tag on his face. Shlok turns more rude on being called a devil. His past love wounds get fresh by her words. Soon, Shlok and Astha’s fate gets connected and they fall in love.

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  1. Yrphk fan Avatar
    Yrphk fan

    This works for me ?

  2. Sheela Avatar

    Due to corona virus maharaj ki hai ho serial is not going to show on pm so can you please telly cast ipkknd:rabba ve serial on star plus as this show is very popular and everyone wants to see it

  3. Sheela Avatar

    Due to corona virus Maharaja ki hai ho serial in not going to show on 9 pm at star plus so can u please telly cast ipkknd:rabba ve serial on that time.Rabba ve serial is very popular

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