Shubh Aarambh Colors New twists Rani exposes Gunwant

Shubh Aarambh Colors New twists Rani exposes Gunwant

Shubh Aarambh Colors New twists Rani exposes Gunwant Rani makes a plan to expose Raja’s uncle and aunt. She keeps an eye on the family members, while they leave for the event. Rani makes her brother kidnap Asha. She doesn’t want Raja to go out and rescue his mum. She wants Raja to bring the true colours of his uncle.

Raja doesn’t listen to Rani and wants to head to the shop for the puja. Rani hinders him to keep him engaged. She tells him that she is his wife, she wants to be with him in any state he wants, she will always fulfill her promises and stay happy with him even in sorrow. She reminds him the marriage vows. She wants to be with him forever, as his life partner. Raja gets to believe her. She gets to learn that Asha is kidnapped.

She convinces Raja to take her along to the shop so that she can help him. Raja agrees to her. Raja’s uncle Gunwant is more than happy to get all the richness in his hands. He shows a lot of attitude after becoming the owner of the property. He changes everything in the shop as per his likes. He doesn’t think he is answerable to anyone now. He dreams of ruling over everything. He prepares for the puja. Raja and Rani also reach the shop. Gunwant is happy to see the shop documents on his name.

Rani feels sorry to get Asha kidnapped just to bring out Gunwant’s real face. Raja learns about the kidnapped when he gets the call for the ransom. He hinders Gunwant’s auspicious puja. He tells Gunwant that Asha is kidnapped and the kidnapper is asking for money. Gunwant shows his true colours and makes Raja silent. He yells at Raja and withdraws the support in rescuing Asha. Raja is super shocked to see Gunwant’s Raavan avatar. Kirtida and others also didn’t expect this change so soon from Gunwant. Rani feels victorious to be able to expose Gunwant’s truth.

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