Colors Shakti Final Episodes Heer Virat love turns fatal

Shakti Virat Heer begin to search for Soumya

Colors Shakti Final Episodes Heer Virat love turns fatal Harak doesn’t shoot down Virat. He tells Virat that next time, he won’t spare him, he knows the pain of losing a young son and has left him just for Sant Baksh’s sake. He tells that he doesn’t want to give same sorrow to Sant Baksh.

He wants Virat to just leave if he wants to be alive. Heer wants to know who has shot whom. She gets restless. Shanno reaches her and tells her that Harak Singh has shot the bullet to scare Virat, but the latter isn’t changing his stand. Heer wants to go to Virat. Shanno asks her to stay indoors, nothing will happen to Virat, he is a true lover and won’t go without her, but if she intervenes, then Virat may fall in danger.


She tells that Virat is ready to die, he isn’t scared since he is in love. She asks Heer not to worry for Virat. She tells that if Heer comes out of her room, then Virat will be in trouble. Virat begs Harak to return Heer to him. He refuses to go without her. He asks Harak to shoot him down if he wants to refuse again. He tells that he is passionate about Heer, he loves her and can’t see her getting hurt.

He proves his immense love for Heer. Harak and Preeta find Virat totally mad like Harman. Harak asks Virat to be outside the house until he wants. He doesn’t want the family to help Virat. Heer tells Shanno that Virat would need help. Shanno asks her to not disobey her. She assures that she will help Virat and also update Heer about him. Sant Baksh cries for his son. He feels his son never understood him and left him for Heer’s sake. He learns that Virat went to Heer’s house and faced humiliation.

He doesn’t want to know about Virat, since he isn’t worried for them. He asks his son not to get any news about Virat again. He doesn’t want Virat to leave the city. Shockingly, Dadu packs his bags to leave the house. He tells that he wants to go to old age home, since the house doesn’t belong to him now. The family doubts that he is going to Virat. Dadu clears out that he isn’t going to Virat, who doesn’t need him. He feels Virat needs to fight his battle on own, since his family is hopeless.

He regrets that the family isn’t supporting Virat. Sant Baksh doesn’t like Dadu’s lecture and wants him to leave. He gets blind in anger. At last, Virat tries to figure out Heer’s whereabouts in the huge mansion. Heer gets helpless since she can’t even call him out. She uses her smartness to connect to him. Heer and Virat get to see each other. Their love makes them fall in deep danger.

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