Rohit Sonakshi to return on Starplus with Kahaan Hum 2

Rohit Sonakshi to return on Starplus with Kahaan Hum 2

Rohit Sonakshi to return on Starplus with Kahaan Hum 2 As per the hint given by Dr. Rohit Sippy in the finale episode, that he will be with Sonakshi always. A splendidly beautiful episode to remember. We have already stated in the show’s last post about its sequel coming with title Jahaan Tum Wahaan Hum. The news seems much confirmed. The fans of Rohit and Sonakshi would be able to watch the Season 2, peaking into the lives of Sippys and Rastogis once again.

This time, its going to be double fun in the sequel. Rohit and Sonakshi will be going ahead in their poles apart professions, Rohit being a heart surgeon, super-busy in his work commitments, having no time for the family, while Sonakshi is a busy work-loaded tv actress, who can spare ample time for love. She dearly loves Rohit for his professionalism, after all he saves many innocent lives by his profession.

Rohit and Sonakshi’s cute banters, practical to life scenes, realistic dialogues and some bit of filmi drama will be back to entertain the viewers. The channel may bring this show after the Covid-19 break comes to an end. With such a good news coming, surely there is excitement to watch the hugely missed Ronakshi back, curious about How do they start the tale. Are you also waiting for Rohit Sonakshi to return in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Sequel? Undoubtedly yes!! Cheers for the news and fingers crossed to see this turning true.

Due to the global Covid-19 outbreak situation, the Hotstar show’s fresh updates have stopped anytime. The shows got on break until the shooting resumes. We will try to collect any upcoming news and provide to you to balance out the shows abrupt closure by bringing some of the best Starplus Classic shows. Stay tuned for little surprises every day, with something unexpected to read. You may still find the upcoming news on the website. Comment below if you find any alternate content interesting or willing to read on Tellyreviews.

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