IPKKND Rabba Ve Starplus Arnav defames Khushi

IPKKND Rabba Ve Starplus Arnav defames Khushi

IPKKND Rabba Ve Starplus Arnav defames Khushi Khushi vents her anger on Arnav on meeting him at the shrine. She tells him that he can’t get away just like that, while he reminds his words told before, that she shouldn’t stay in her limits. She tells him that everyone is of equal status at the shrine. She asks him to apologize for his misbehavior.

He asks her what is his mistake. She asks him to be God fearing. He doesn’t think so. He tells that he is self made. She argues with him, asking him to be thankful for his good fate. He tells that he has written his own fate and achieved everything by his hardwork and determination. She gets scared of him. He warns her against coming in his way.

He tells her that none could save her next time if she crosses his path. She tells him that he would not hold belief and devotion, but she believes so. He tells that he would have not been in pain if God existed. He tells that one who has money holds the power. She asks him not to challenge God, none exists in front of the God. She chants Matarani’s name and further angers him. He wants her to get silent. She gets done after yelling at him and drops her slipper. He turns more disgusted on her act.

She wears her slipper to prove that she didn’t mean to make such cheap gesture. She runs away from there, again holding the broken slipper in hand. He takes a step in rage. He calls the manager to ask him to leak the fashion show footage. He wants every news channel to air the footage. He thinks Khushi won’t get saved by her God now. He wants to see how she manages the defamation. Khushi faces a low time when Garima avoids her. Payal cheers her up. Khushi wants Payal to be happy. Payal asks Khushi about her blouse’s broken pearl string. Khushi is tensed to reveal about Arnav’s move. She then tells about Arnav Singh Raizada.

She tells Payal that she will not tolerate anyone’s misbehavior again. She shares about Arnav, titled as the arrogant and angered Lord Governor. Akshay tells Arnav that Anjali had called to stop him from eating non-veg food during Navratri days. Arnav keeps Anjali’s wish. Khushi gets dramatic and tells Payal that she has yelled at Arnav like a filmi heroine and broke his pride. Arnav gets the news that Khushi’s embarrassing footage will be on the channels. Akshay reveals the new problem to Arnav, which makes him cancel the tickets. Arnav decides to handle the problem and teach a lesson to the middle-class people.

Khushi tells Payal that God is with them, none can go against them. Payal gets positive and derives a good meaning out of the broken alliance. Khushi gets happy. Khushi and Payal dance on their favorite song. Khushi then convinces Garima as well. They have an emotional connect and forget whatever wrong happened. Garima hugs her daughters. Khushi dances with the family, who celebrates happiness after a long time. Shashi too joins the fun. Bua doesn’t like Shashi dancing with his wife. Shashi saves Khushi from Bua’s wrath. Khushi manages to handle the matter smartly. Arnav doesn’t want the shoot to get stalled.

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He meets Mulchandani, who demands more money. Arnav calls him a barking dog and insults him. Mulchandani tells that he will then bite and show his real status. Arnav slaps him. The shoot gets cancelled. Arnav doesn’t deter and slaps him hard again. He throws money at his face and also compensates for the slaps. Arnav tells that the shoot won’t stop at any cost. Madhumati Bua gets a huge shock on seeing the news footage, which ruins Khushi’s name. She is shocked t see Khushi falling in rich Arnav’s arms. The news reporter defames Khushi for purposely falling into a rich man’s arms. She wants to inform Shashi about it.

Khushi goes to buy medicines. She faces an odd moment when the people criticize her after seeing the news. She loses confidence on seeing herself in the defaming news. The reporter frames her for innocently trying to woo Arnav for his money. She cries in disappointment. The reporter makes funny comments and hypes the news, which means a lot in Khushi’s society. Khushi realizes that Arnav has purposely done this. Some cheap goons disrespect Khushi, while she gets a savior in the form of Shyam.

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