Kasautii Jodi Starplus Bajaj Prerna Most wanted post break

Kasautii Jodi Starplus Bajaj Prerna Most wanted post break

Kasautii Jodi Starplus Bajaj Prerna Most wanted Anurag and Prerna’s love story is like a railway track, which runs along for long miles, but are never together. Anurag isn’t destined to be with Prerna. Anurag is like the ground, while Prerna is like the sky, which can never come together. Their love gets tested many times in their journey of love.

They succeed in the life’s battles again and again, while their pairing seems to be just like horizon, the sky and land can just appear to meet, but never meets in reality. Such is the case with Anurag and Prerna. Every time, they try to come together, some external forces separate them. Komolika has always been between them to divide them time to time.

Luckily, Prerna’s selfless nature is respected by Mr. Bajaj, who first marries her for the sake of his daughter Kuki and then gradually loves in love with her. Mr. Bajaj’s character is of a supportive husband, who can bring the world upside down for Prerna’s happiness. He is not only her protector, but also a true friend, who listens to her sentimental lows always like a silent support. Anurag and Prerna’s love story is left incomplete, while Mr. Bajaj gets paired with Prerna.

Bajaj-Prerna’s jodi became the most desirable one in the show, just because of Mr. Bajaj’s fierce, determined and true character. He speaks his mind and doesn’t go against his commitments, like Anurag did. How far do you think Bajaj-Prerna make the best couple in the show than Anurag-Prerna?Shoot in your comments.

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  1. I truly like me. Bajaj and prerna more than anurag and prerna. Stupid anurags character is shown so caring but is actually not.
    I think they should stop this drama

  2. Yes Bajaj is always supportive, but he only reason of anupre seperation first . We really waiting for that moment when anupre reunite .

  3. I have loved bajaj from day one and i want them to be together.. Bajaj perna #PreRish Forever want there love story to start want romance between them ♥️

  4. Yes #ViewersChoicePreRish..Bajaj and Prerna …We are in no mood to watch anythg else if they dare to show Anupre again Kzk2 will be dusted and done with…worst Male Lead of ITV..biggest Drag …ask neutral viewers

  5. Only PreRish This time a stern warning to the makers of the show or the show can RIP for Good….The Male Lead is such a Turn off Ghosh ….Dunno y Starplus is obsessed with that Flop.

  6. Waiting for Bajaj Prerna relationship to unfold. Both Erica& KSG are brilliant actors& their chemistry is so alluring. Hope to see PreRish tracks in future?

  7. Waiting for Prerna,Bajaj relationship to unfold It would be heartening to see Bajaj support Prerna in her revenge against Anurag .PreRish story will bring a freshness to the show as now Prerna Anurag story has become repetitive

  8. Yes totally agree Soo much in love with PreRish (rishabh and prerna ) ,the respect rishabh has for prerna ,the way he gives her space ,even though he loves her he listens to her cry for another man ,though till now she didn’t returned the love and support he gave her in these 8 years he isn’t even expecting her to ,he is just happy with her being happy ,now this is couple goals

  9. NEVER. Bajaj is just a drippy side character that Prerna walks all over in her 4-inch stilettoes, straight back to Anurag. Bajaj is boring. The small universe can only hold AnuPre together. Who the hell is Bajaj to try to elbow his way in? No third wheels, please! The last time, Anurag beat him up with a baseball bat. That was the best scene in the whole stupid Bajaj drama.

  10. 😭😭😭😭I would really love for Mr Bajaj and Prerna to be together forever😋😭❤❤❤ they really make a great couple. Mr Bajaj is one of the most honest person and he speaks his mind🙋‍♂️🚶‍♂️ unlike anurag….that one is more like a confused character😥 not my favourite at all. But I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds🔥😍💁‍♂️


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