Sony Dad Amber Dulhan Guneet rocking love flight

Sony Lockdown Rewind Amber Guneet Dad Ki Dulhan

Sony Dad Amber Dulhan Guneet rocking love flight Amber recalls his moments with Guneet, odd but sweet in their own sense. He tells her that it won’t be easy, since Pammi will pose problems. Nia tells him that she will handle Pammi and clear his way. She encourages him to just tell Guneet without wasting more time, else things may not be going as he wants.

She tells him that he has to invite Guneet for dinner with full confidence. She teaches him to speak to Guneet. She tells that she won’t be coming to break their romance. She advises him to tell Guneet that he is her online friend, No drama plz. He asks if everything will go fine if he reveals the truth. She tells him that he shouldn’t overthink and decide for the dinner.

She gives her best wishes. She likes his blushing and thoughtful face. Nia calls up Kabir to make some dinner plans. Kabir likes her getting direct to ask him out. He tells her that he is free to be with her. She tells that she can’t be at home for some reason. He asks if there is some pest control going on, or if she had a fight with Amber. He is ready to talk to Amber and help her out. She tells him that its nothing of that sort, she will tell him the entire story on their meeting. Nia asks him if Swara and Shri are coming. Kabir tells her that he will be coming alone. Nia is sure that the news will shock him. She is excited to tell him about Guneet and Amber.

He gets curious to know the good news. He shares his happiness on her return in his life. She tells that she is also happy and hopeful with their relation getting back on track. Amber gains courage to invite Guneet for dinner. Guneet makes him laugh by her jokes and compliments him for his sweet smile. She tells him that they should have got friendly before itself, they have wasted a lot of time in fights. He tells her that he has decided to end fights and just love. He tells the new rules of love, and stuns her. He then changes his words to comfort her.

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