Shubh Aarambh Stunner for Raja Rani succeeds in aim

Shubh Aarambh Stunner for Raja Rani succeeds in aim

Shubh Aarambh Stunner for Raja Rani succeeds in aim Rani doesn’t let Raja know about his mum. Raja gets worried when Asha doesn’t reach the shop. He tells Gunwant that Asha didn’t come till now. Gunwant asks Raja not to panic, they will find Asha once they get done with the puja. Gunwant doesn’t listen to Raja.

He focusses on his puja. Hiten offers help to Raja. He finds Gunwant changing his nature completely. Rani feels sorry to kidnap Asha and trouble Raja. She wants Asha to stay away until Raja gets to see Gunwant’s true colours. Asha gets conscious and reacts in anger. She wants to get free. Rani stays with Raja and pretends to find Asha. Raja gets mad in finding his mother, while Gunwant is busy completing the puja at the shop.

Raja soon returns to the shop to take help from the family. This anger Gunwant. Raja doesn’t know where did Asha go suddenly. He gets a call from the kidnapper, who demands the ransom. Raja gets the video of Asha’s kidnapping. He is shell shocked to know that Asha is kidnapped. He wants to tell Gunwant that kidnapper asked for ten lakhs as ransom. Rani wants Raja to ask Gunwant for the money, so that Gunwant refuses. Gunwant wants to sit on his chair after his Rajya yog begins. Raja fails to arrange money. He gets ten minutes from the kidnapper. Raja tells Rani that kidnapper may harm Asha.

Kirtida makes Gunwant sit in the weighing scales for donating things equal to his weight. Raja breaks the kidnapping news. He tells Gunwant that they have to save Asha by paying ten lakhs ransom. Gunwant gets raged when Raja hinders his rituals. He tells that none would be interested to kidnap Asha. He asks Raja to keep patience. Rani feels angered at Gunwant’s misbehavior. She wants Raja to know Gunwant’s ugly truth.

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Gunwant reprimands Raja like never before and shocks him. Rani is sure that Raja will know Gunwant and Kirtida’s truth. Gunwant tells that he doesn’t care if Asha is alive or dead. Raja can’t believe this. He decides to take the money from the safe to free Asha from the kidnappers. He opposes Gunwant and sits on his chair. Gunwant goes mad in anger.

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